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Can Photoshop be the Leading Tool in Designing?

In the last decades, Adobe Photoshop has positioned itself as an important tool when it comes to the management of pixel-based images. With Photoshop, there is a wide range of tools for editing, transforming and enhancing images but you could access a wide range of customised tools that could provide the best results regardless of the industry you work in. When you consider the power of Photoshop and the external add-ons, it is a tool in our hands to make our work faster and more efficient. Never forget that the job of a textile designer is not over when the design is finished. However, different processes are necessary and would ensure success.

If you would like to know more about fabric printing with the help of Photoshop, you should opt for the Adobe Photoshop course Australia. Adobe Photoshop classes will help you learn more about fabric printing with the help of designs made using Photoshop. One of the important processes in textile design and printing is Colour Management.

Colour management is one of the most popular terms in the industry. Colour management is the process of converting the representation of colours into different devices. It means converting the colour we see on the screen to the one we see on the fabric. You could reproduce the colours as accurately as possible.

When a creative process begins, we imagine shapes accompanied by a colour palette. The same palette is the one we reproduce when the design and the one we expect to be printed at the time of production. One of the particularities when it comes to textiles, especially in digital printing is the repetition of the products. A collection gets launched, a print run is carried out and if it succeeds, the same process gets repeated.

You can print whatever that was sold again and can repeat the production as many times as necessary without making any change. This is considered good colour management.

If you know about colour management and you are a textile designer, you could easily imagine colours in your head which could be later used in Photoshop. It would just be the same as the ones you might see, printed well in the collection.

Why Pick Photoshop for Colour Reproduction?

Photoshop could be the ideal tool in the market for textile designers as the tool would suit colour management needs. Photoshop has various key processes that would help in maintaining colour accuracy throughout the design and printing process, adobe photoshop classes.

  • It allows you to work with embedded profiles: This aspect would make it much easier to work with colour management. If we work with an image with an embedded profile, we would see the colours that the output device can reproduce and would also be capable of maintaining the information for the production department.
  • You would be able to easily send a file to be printed to preserve the colour management that was done previously: Finally, the tool allows you to send all the information of the image and the profile to the production department so that you won’t lose any information of the work that has been done.


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