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All you need to know about Armstrong’s Warehouse Management System

“Trade isn’t about goods. Trade is about information. Goods sit in the warehouse until information moves them.” – C. J. Cherryh

Today, in this article, we will learn about how warehouses manage goods with the help of the Warehouse Management System and who are the people guides and helps them through the process?

Have you ever thought about how these goods are stored, shipped, imported, and exported all around the world, with so much ease and fewer complications when it doesn’t seem that much easier. Have you ever thought about how this TV in your room or remote or Mobile Phone in your hand came so far for you which must have taken a long time but still, the tools and gadgets work at their best. How could it be done? Well, the Warehouse Management System is the answer.

With the help of the Warehouse Management System (WMS), Warehouses are able to manage all their activities from the beginning to the end, from the raw material stage to the final goods. Let us know about Warehouse Management Systems in more depth.

World of Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management systems (WMS) enable warehouse management functions and distribution operations to be optimized. Systematic use of simple automatic technologies such as planning, organizing, staffing, directing, warehouse keeping, and controlling their use allows management to move and store materials within, around, and outside of warehouses, as well as supporting human workers in their activities without affecting company resources.

Let us discuss the daily functionalities in a bit detail.

  1. Creating a daily plan for receiving dock activity, selecting orders and workload (this can also be done by the business system), and calculating the amount of labor and vehicles required to pick and ship the orders to ensure the employees are adequately staffed, and notifying carriers prior to load and departure.
  2. Picking orders in a sequence. There are many options for organizing order picking to meet your needs. If the company wants to pay a carrier to make sense for transportation and delivery, it is best to pick the orders deliberately and not in the order they were received.
  3. During a wave of shifts, staff is assigned to operational functions and areas to reduce staging.
  4. Documented processes and procedures should be incorporated into the WMS and used consistently and appropriately for the nature of the work and service level intentions of the organization. Using this functional capability, individual orders may also be divided into logical work units by separating individual cases from each unit and then assigning separate orders to each separate person, which could improve productivity and support Control.
  5. Setting milestones to monitor progress throughout the day, providing opportunities for problems to be resolved in a timely manner, distributing data to evaluate performance.

Armstrong and Warehouse Management System

Armstrong, an Industrial Automation Company in Pune is among the top industrial companies in Pune providing the best of facilities to the warehouses. With its Industrial 4.0 and IoT, Armstrong is far more reliable than any other company. For 20+ years, the company has been providing its best to many industries and has been the trusted venture for decades for them.

Armstrong provides the whole warehouse management work in such a way that it becomes seamless, providing all the necessary solutions to the warehouses, tracking all the details through the Warehouse Management System of the goods, tracking the whole process from the stage one to stage last, i.e., from raw material to the final good. Also, the daily functionalities as discussed above like planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling can be done in a much easier way with Armstrong’s Warehouse Management System than any other company.

Benefits of Warehouse Management System

With the help of Armstrong’s Warehouse Management System, one can easily handle all the warehouse work from minor to major, like receiving, doing the inspection, picking, packaging, documentation, shipping, etc.

The other important benefits include:

  1. Furthermore, warehouse management systems enable you to direct and validate each step, capture and record inventory movements, and update the data file on status changes.
  2. As the central unit of a warehouse’s software structure, a warehouse management system usually plays an important role.
  3. Received orders are managed in a database for distribution to the connected conveyor control systems after appropriate optimization by the overlying host system.
  4. It is then transferred to the WMS, where all steps to process it, including picking the items, etc., are performed.
  5. WMSs available today will typically integrate communication, automatic ID technologies, mobile computers, and sometimes automated material handling and storage.

An enterprise resource planning system (ERP) can include a warehouse management module, or it can be a standalone system. The complexity of warehouse management software systems can vary from handwritten lists or spreadsheets to specialty WMS software systems, based on the size and sophistication of an organization.


A Warehouse Management System could seem tough to understand by someone when designed in a system format and it could be as simple as an excel spreadsheet. It all depends on how the things are managed by a warehouse. Armstrong, serving its clients and customers, with all the ease and comfort with the help of the Warehouse Management System, is all one warehouse could long for. As the tagline of Armstrong says, ‘Lives made easy…’, so it does.

In case, a warehouse is looking for an industrial company that can help them guide them throughout the process of the goods with the help of amazing technology and tools, Armstrong could be the one and best stop for them. A top Industrial Automation Company in Pune, Armstrong could help you do things in a much smarter way than going on the hard road. As Armstrong aims to build a ‘Smart Factory’, it is working on its best to reach the same spot. In order to know more about Armstrong and its solutions.

We hope that the above-provided information proves fruitful to you. Thanks for reading!



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