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9 Surprising Freelance Jobs That Pay Well


Freelancing requires basic skills such as organization, adherence to deadlines, and clear communication. Many freelancing jobs don’t need a college degree, especially if you have experience. 

Now that companies have discovered that employees can work remotely, it has opened up the gates for freelancers further. Several office tasks have freelancing counterparts. 

For example, companies can hire on-site administrative assistants. They can also hire virtual assistants who will complete the same tasks. 

Many professionals have worked as freelancers for decades. For example, models fall into the self-employed category. Since the world doesn’t view them as independent contractors, people find the high compensation surprising.

Nonetheless, some freelancers can earn an attractive income. The highest-paid freelancers work with computer hardware and software – that’s not surprising. You might be surprised to find out that online English teachers can earn a desirable income. 

Also, if you make money with Doordash, you can walk away with enough to establish a comfortable living. Freelance delivery drivers remain in demand as people continue ordering through eCommerce and meals online.

We take a look at nine surprising freelance jobs that pay well.

1.Legal Work

Most people know that lawyers command between $100 to $400 an hour, depending on their experience, education, and success rate. Attorneys who make partners earn even more an hour plus incentives and bonuses.

Once professionals earn their degree, pass the bar exam, and obtain the proper credentials, they don’t need to work for a law firm. They can open a shop and offer a menu of standard services, such as consulting.

Notary publics also fall into the freelancing category. They can earn $30 an hour and over $60,000 annually.


Translating documents is an art. It’s not enough to translate words, professionals must also translate nuance. Therefore, freelance translators can command $27 an hour and earn $60,000 annually.

Translators specializing in common languages used in business will find more consistent work. Therefore, it pays to become multilingual.

3.Voice Acting

The start of voice acting goes back to the early 1900s. Some believe that the first voice over job was for Mickey Mouse in “Steamboat Willie.” Therefore, the job is well-paid and among the early freelancing trailblazers.

Voice actors can earn $37 an hour and $6,000 monthly. The jobs range from commercials to television shows and movies. Plus, sometimes, the voice over actors will replace the original English voice with another language, such as Spanish.

Thus, opportunities exist in several languages.


Cameras on smartphones have turned many people into amateur photographers. However, professional freelance photographers can still command attractive paydays. 

Some photographers earn $57,000 annually. Since they earn money per project, the annual revenue will vary. However, the best photographers can reach six figures annually, such as Annie Leibovitz.


Individuals with people, negotiation, and persuasive skills can earn a comfortable living as recruiters. 

The top recruiters earn $100,000 annually, while the bottom ranges between $34,000 to $75,000.


Ghostwriters are the professional writers behind the books of many famous people. Celebrities have stories to tell, but it takes professional writers to bring them to life.

Paid on a per-project basis, ghostwriters can earn between $20,000 to $50,000.

7.Content Editing

Staying on the writing track, the services of content editors remain in demand. Since web content is an important part of modern marketing plans, companies must ensure that it’s grammatically sound and persuasive before it’s uploaded.

Content editors can earn $30 an hour and $62,000 annually.

8.Teaching English

Some people have traveled overseas to teach English in other countries. In 2022, it’s also possible to teach English online.

Many teachers command $40 an hour and earn $3,500 monthly. If you prefer to skip traveling to a foreign country and blending into a new culture, teaching English online has become an option.

9.Online Ads Manager

Online advertising is expensive. Therefore, companies hire specialists to manage their Google Adwords and Facebook Ads accounts.

Those who can optimize advertising budgets can find gainful work as freelance online ads managers. 

Ads managers can earn $30 an hour and $70,000 annually.


Freelancing has become a full-time career path for many individuals. Top earners can earn nearly six figures annually. Moreover, they can achieve a satisfying work/life balance. Some jobs to consider include voice acting, ghostwriting, and online ads management



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