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5 Fitness Training Tools For The Modern Athlete

Modern athletes need progress from their training environment, it’s too easy to settle for the basic facilities that are often provided. Plus, training markers, speed markers, and agility hurdles to create a more dynamic training environment can make a difference in how you perform.

There are many ways to train, and this article will give you five tips for how you can use training equipment as part of your exercise routine.

The development of technology has provided us with more ways to help us in our attempts to be fit. Of course, these tools can also be helpful when getting rid of unwanted fat and getting in shape. In this article, we dive into some of the most useful training tools for athletes and their benefits.

What Are Training Markers?

Training markers help improve the performance of an athlete. Training markers can be created, either by individuals or in groups, to refresh and keep track of the progress that has been made against various fitness goals. By building these unique markers, athletes are able to analyze their progress and set new benchmarks. These types of markers could include pull-ups done in sets, mile time achieved, number of pushups executed, etc.

A training marker is a physical object that an athlete uses over a period of time to gauge his or her progress. For example, some workout routines use weights as markers but others can even have objects like rice. Usually, there are a set number of these markers the athlete must break by reaching the goals for the training session.

What Are Speed Markers?

Speed markers are used by track athletes to determine when they should start accelerating and when they should slow down. No one wants to run too fast into the first hurdle they hurdle during a race, so this process allows them to estimate how long it will take before they reach their desired speed. By using speed markers, they can start running faster sooner.

Speed markers are very easy to identify. In road races and events, from a certain distance away you can determine how fast you’re running by looking at how many markers you pass during the race/event. Racing events calculate their marker board based on an average of your racing speed which is the constant speed and a minimum of how many meters per second your coach or team is happy with a runner.

Hurdles: what are they and how are they used in fitness training

Hurdles are long jumps within a standing position that athletes use for Plyometrics. The athlete will jump to the hurdle and then stretch their hands over the top of the hurdle to stop their body sway caused by momentum. This is an extremely difficult movement to master, but it is used during workouts so that a person can bring the speed they have achieved while jumping down.

Benefits of using a jump rope as your workout tool

Considered a classic fitness tool, the jump rope is a great way to work out. It has a long history of use as part of most daily training regimes and sports, such as boxing and gymnastics. Most recently, athletes are adding professional jump rope to their exercise routines because it helps you improve your speed, coordination, agility, cardio, timing, and muscular conditioning.


This is a really great article with many convenient tools for the modern athlete. It has not just lists of tools for training but also tells about the importance of adding variety to your workouts and when it’s time to step it up. It’s definitely worth reading!




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