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4 Things You Should Never Wear While Driving

You know the most important thing to wear while you’re in the car is your seatbelt. But did you know that the clothes and shoes you’re wearing could actually be dangerous if you’re behind the wheel?

When you’re getting dressed, you probably think about where you’re headed, who you’ll see, and what kind of image you want to present.

Most of us never think about the fact that our outfit needs to be safely designed enough to help us avoid a car accident. Yet, many crashes could have been avoided if the driver wasn’t wearing the wrong thing. 

Want to know what fashion accessories cause the most collisions so you can pick another item if you’re in the driver’s seat? Here are the four things you should never wear while you’re driving.

1. The Wrong Shoes

Whether you’re a “shoes must be comfy” or “shoes must match my outfit” type of person, there are some types of footwear that need to be an automatic “no” when you’re driving.

The most dangerous type of shoe is a flip-flop. The point of them is for the wearer to slide their foot right in and out of the shoe. But that same benefit becomes a hazard on the brakes and accelerator.

The sole under your toes easily gets caught under the pedal or slides off your foot and gets in the way when you need to step on the brake or gas quickly.

Other Shoes to Skip When You’re Driving

Sandals, slippers, and crocs are similar to flip-flops. They don’t have a back or ankle support, so they can slide around easily and become obstacles to a fast pedal maneuver.

What about high heels? They may look ah-may-zing, but they need to stay on the passenger’s seat until you get to your destination. Put some sneakers on for the drive to prevent losing control of the pedals because the heels are too high. 

Skinny heels also have a tendency to catch on the floor mat and carpet. Pointy-toed heels keep you from applying enough pressure on the pedals. And platform or other chunky shoes can do the opposite, creating too much pressure or causing you to step on both pedals at once.

2. Tight Clothing

Purposely restrictive, tight clothing presents an obstacle to easy movement. Drivers need to be able to adjust their positions fluidly while they’re in charge of a vehicle. They have to drive comfortably, and tight jeans can restrict circulation. 

If you’re driving for a long time, those tight denim pants can cut off the blood flow and cause your leg to fall asleep. Pressing a pedal with a foot you can’t feel is difficult, if not impossible.

Some tight clothes limit your freedom to move your neck or back. There are times when your safety relies on being able to turn your head and see if other cars are coming. A few seconds of a delay is all it takes for a crash to happen. And if you do end up in an accident, even as a passenger in a rideshare, getting out of the vehicle quickly might save your life. Those tight clothes might have looked good, but when speed is crucial, the restrictive outfit turns potentially deadly.

When the outfit you choose is so tight it constricts your breathing, makes you uncomfortable, or keeps you from moving quickly, you shouldn’t wear it in the car.

3. Long Skirts, Dresses, and Pants

You’ve dressed up for a gala in a flowing ball gown (and skipped the heels because you’re driving). You’re ready for a night to remember. You just have to get to the event.

But that long dress keeps sliding under your feet and distracting you from finding the right pedal. It’s an accident waiting to happen. 

Long dresses and skirts don’t have to be flowing to be hazardous to your health. Anything that goes past your ankles is a deterrent from safe pedal use. 

4. Bulky Clothes

It’s cold, and you want to layer up to stay warm. Your layers of shirts and pants do the job, and that parka is the cherry on top.

Those layers also make it hard to move. Your arms don’t sit in a natural position, so when you go to use the steering wheel, it’s awkward and bulky. 

The extra layers of socks make it harder to feel the pedals, and if it’s snowing, you’re wearing insulated boots. 

All of these thick clothes and shoes are great for your body temperature but not for driving. Turn the heat up in your car, bring the extra clothes with you, then change when you get to your destination.


You don’t have to be a fashionista to be concerned about what you wear while driving. Be safety-conscious for you and everyone else on the road, and avoid these four types of clothes on the road.



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