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Woobags Premium WooCommerce Theme – 5 features you need to know about!

If you are looking for a premium wordpress theme that will give your store a professional look, without the heavy cost, then you have found the right place. Woobags is a clean and simple wordpress theme with an emphasis on ease of use. You won’t find any unnecessary bells and whistles in this theme; it focuses on functionality and aesthetics. This theme has everything you need to create a great online store – from hosting to themes, plugins, and oh so much more! Let’s take a look at 5 things you need to know about this exceptional WooCommerce theme before downloading!


Save your money and buy this theme now! You can find this theme for a really cheap price on 8 themes. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of this premium WordPress WooCommerce themes before taking the plunge and buying it:

Easy to use interface

The front-end of your store is the front-door to your store. It’s where people first perceive your store and its products. If the interface of your store looks simple and clean then people will easily be able to navigate your store and find what they are looking for. This is what the theme executioner has done here – The Woobags theme is extremely easy to use. All you need to do is choose from the many Woobags plug-ins and drop them in your theme’s plugin folder. You can then choose from the plethora of Woobags widgets and shortcodes to enhance your store’s look & feel.

Super affordable

The first thing that comes to our mind when we see a price tag is usually how much this theme is going to cost us. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with Woobags. This theme provides all features in a minimum price tag. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look at some of the key features of this premium wordpress theme and make your decision based on that.

Built-in demo content

This is a really thoughtful feature that allows you to try out this theme before you buy it. If you are not a WordPress expert, then you can simply go through the steps and create a basic website for your store. You can then use the included demo content to see how your store looks and functions. This is a super helpful feature that will make your life as a new store owner a little easier. There are tons of free demo content websites where you can upload your product images, text, and create other assets that help you get a feel for your product and store. You can also include a shopping cart if you want to see how your products look in a shopping basket.


Payment options

If you are looking for a theme that will let you accept both credit cards and cash-ins, then Woobags is the theme for you. This theme comes with 3 payment options: Credit Card, eCheck, and Bank Direct. All you have to do is go to your site’s technical documentation and read the appropriate payment options that your store used. Afterward, you can simply update your store’s settings to automatically accept these payment options.

Shortcodes for all your WooCommerce needs

As someone who loves to create everything in shortcode, I have to say that I really love this feature. There are too many shortcodes to list here, but you can find them all in the Woobags Theming options. In addition, you can also create dynamic shortcodes for each of your products. For example, you can create a shortcode that lists all your products with the “Price” shortcode that shows the total price of all your items. You can even include a shortcode for your location so that people can get more information about your store, such as hours of operation.


Woobags is a premium WordPress WooCommerce themes that is packed with useful features and is extremely easy to use. It is perfect for eCommerce stores that are looking to increase their online presence without spending an arm and a leg. The theme comes with tons of great features, is extremely easy to use, and is priced very reasonably compared to other leading wordpress themes. What are you waiting for? Get this theme today and start creating a store that sells everything!



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