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Why is it worth using an air purifier?

Large room air purifier are slowly becoming a standard in the home and eventhe workplace. If you want to protect yourself from the negative effects of air pollution, you should choose a device that has the best forms of filtration system – that is, supported by modern technologies inspired by nature and not only guarantee that Air pollution is reduced, but also improve air quality in terms of humidity and electrostatic balance.

The main way to ensure air purifiers work safely is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Changing and maintaining the filters or regularly checking the water in the water tank is among the most important steps when using this type of device. It is also worth remembering that it minimizes the risk of damage.

Properly functioning air purifiers ensure good well-being and reduce the risk of many diseases and ailments. Devices that are equipped with appropriate filters can prove to be a blessing for allergy sufferers and offer the best conditions for undisturbed development in children.

Circulatory system support

Smog, which we talked about above, as well as other mechanical types of air pollution, are among the reasons that our circulatory system is not working properly. Particulate matter in the air (mainly PM2.5 particulate matter and even finer dust) is so dangerous because it can enter the blood directly through the human respiratory tract, increasing the risk of atherosclerosis, heart disease, stroke and heart attack.

The scientists from Jagiellonian University proved that there is a connection between the occurrence of air pollution (including PM2.5 and PM10 particulate matter) and gases and the correct functioning of blood vessels in women of different ages. Accurate analyzes show that smog has a very negative impact even on young people or those who do not suffer from any chronic diseases. So-called oxidative stress, which among other things disrupts the functioning of the endothelium in blood vessels, is most likely responsible for inflammation in the circulatory system. However, this can lead to the occurrence of arteriosclerosis, and thus to heart attacks, strokes and coronary heart diseaseto lead.

Air purifier for home effectively eliminate smog and other tiny particles from the air, so they can be counted among the most effective ways we can use to protect our circulatory system.

The risk of cancer is reduced

As we have already mentioned, air cleaning devices can effectively capture different types of mechanical air pollution, including carcinogenic substances. One of the most carcinogenic components of smog, i.e. benzo[a]pyrene occurring in the air, is produced, among other things, as a result of:

low emissions – 84%,

industry – 10%,

waste management – ​​3%,

agriculture – 2%,

of road traffic – 1%.

A highly toxic substance that also occurs in tobacco smoke and is one of the carcinogens. It enters the body together with PM10 particulate matter, can damage the liver and adrenal glands, disrupt the immune and circulatory systems, and have a negative impact on human fertility.

The risk of developing cancer is also increased by some gases contained in detergents and cosmetics. Activated charcoal, a substance used in carbon filters used in most air purifiers, copes best with such types of air pollution.



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