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Which Trekking Company to Choose For Your Next Himalayan Trek?

Himalayan trekking can be quite tricky. The treacherous landscape and the high altitude not only present a risk of injury but also altitude sickness. Besides, planning a trekking trip to such a landscape without help can turn out to be a dangerous move. 

However, with the trekking companies available in the market, Himalayan trekking can turn out to be the most pleasant experience. They will take care of everything for you including navigating the landscape, taking you to offbeat places which are easily ignored, and educating you along the way regarding the nuances of the trek.

Though, which trekking company should you choose for your Himalayan trek? We here will take you through the 10 best Himalayan trekking companies in India and let you choose amongst them for the best experience. 

10 best Himalayan Trekking companies

  1. Cliffhangers India

Cliffhangers India is an adventure travel planning company operating across North India. The company offers trekking expeditions, ski courses, heli-skiing, snowboarding, school camping, Yoga retreats, and much more. Cliffhangers India is a reliable company with its name registered in the Adventure Travel Association of Kashmir. 

With modern camping gear and high-end accessories, your Himalayan Trekking experience with Cliffhangers India is bound to turn out breathtaking establishing Cliffhangers India as the best Trekking company in India.


Indiahikes is an online platform, catering to trekking enthusiasts’ needs by providing them with complete trek-related information. It is the largest database of trek-related information in India along with information regarding where to trek, how to trek and when to trek, 

Indiahikes is a large community of trek enthusiasts with over 1000 articles and videos regarding trek-related nuances. It is bound to enrich your trek experience.


Thrillophilia is an adventure planning company in India and abroad. Adventure activities like paragliding, rafting, trekking, camping, and much more are provided by them. The company provides tailor-made adventure experiences for every adventure enthusiast.

4.Trek the Himalayas

Trek the Himalayas is a company of expert trainers and guides who are masters in mountaineering and trekking. The company has trekking expeditions as its specialty. The immense amount of knowledge provided by the guides along the way about the local culture and the Himalayas makes Trek the Himalayas one of the best trekking companies.

5.Aquaterra adventures

Aquaterra Adventures is a specialist in Himalayan treks offering customized itineraries and treks to trekkers. Focussed on eco-tourism, Aquaterra Adventures provides activities like rafting, trekking, camping, and more. The company has been deemed one of the safest ones for trekking expeditions.

6.Snow Leopard Adventures

Snow Leopard Adventures is famous for organizing intense adventure activities for the Indian Armed Forces. The company offers adventure activities like Trans-Himalayan jeep safaris, kayaking, trekking, camping, mountain biking, and much more. The Gurgaon-based company is considered one of the best. 

7. Trekmunk

Trekmunk is a trekking expedition planning company focussing mainly on personalized and custom-made trekking adventures. Trekmunk is revolutionizing the trekking experience by providing a first-hand custom itinerary experience to trekkers. The company is a reliable partner in navigating the Himalayan Summits on your Kashmir Trek.

8. Tour My India

Tour My India is an economical travel company in India that organizes tours that are light on the pocket and provide the best experience. Tour My India is one of the safest companies in India. Contributing immensely to the Incredible India campaign, Tour My India is a good option for a Kashmir trek expedition.

9. Mercury Himalayan Explorations

Run by the Everest fame F. Bumar, the company specializes in high-altitude safaris and trek expeditions. The company has a large network in the Himalayas, taking you to remote and offbeat destinations.

10. Advenchar

Advenchar is an offbeat adventure planning company organizing mountain expeditions. The company offers Alpine traveling and custom tours for families, couples, and large groups. 

Choose the best company according to your trek needs. Cliffhangers India provides the best trekking experience and best activities. If you are planning for a Himalayan trek expedition, Cliffhangers India will make your experience memorable. 



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