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Which Portable Vacuum Is Best for Carpet Cleaning?

Many people install carpets to improve the aesthetics and comfort of their homes or place of business. But these carpets might become the home for dust mites, bacteria, and allergens. Thus, there is a need to clean them routinely. The clogged, dirty ones also affect the airflow and air quality. It results in increasing health risks and becoming uncomfortable instead of providing comfort. 

Moreover, carpet cleaning can be a tedious task for a few people. To avoid health risks and have a safe environment in your home or office, it is necessary to choose the right vacuum cleaner. The choice of the vacuum cleaner depends on its price and features. An affordable cordless carpet cleaner is a preferred choice for many. Among all the options reviewed, Viomi A9 proved to be the best choice in terms of its pricing and performance.

If you love to have carpets at your house or office, but their cleaning is stopping you from installing them. this article is for you.

Here are a few features of this product that will help in carpet cleaning.

Due to the high absorption capacity of carpets, the suction power of 23000 Pa aids in removing even the tiniest dust and particles. This cleaner can clean even the most stubborn particles, which helps to keep carpets hygienic.

  • Battery timings

Carpet cleaning can be a time-consuming task. So, when it comes to a cordless carpet cleaner, one should have good battery timings. Viomi A9 with 2500 mAh detachable battery works for 60 minutes continuously after a single charge. It also cleans 200 m2 in a single go. It helps in easy cleaning that too in one go.

  • Detachable battery

For a cordless carpet cleaner, it is necessary to have a detachable battery so it can be replaced by a new one in case of any issues. Additionally, you can have multiple charged batteries in hand and continue using the cleaner by removing one of them down and exchanging it with a charged one, giving another 60 minutes to clean.

  • User-friendly cleaner

One button needs to be pressed just once to start the cleaning. It makes the work simple and more manageable when combined with other housework. The dust button, when pressed, empties the dust box without getting your hands dirty. The 0.4L dust capacity is beneficial for storing a large quantity of dust and reducing the need to discard it frequently while cleaning.

  • Soft roller head cleaner

Viomi A9 comes with different flexible cleaners. A soft roller head is used to keep the carpets clean. It helps to remove the dust efficiently without destroying and tearing the carpet fibers helping to keep them soft and comfortable. It also makes them breathable by preventing them from being clogged.

  1. 5-level filtration system

The carpets contain all sizes of dirt, from hair and large particles to the finest dust particles. To avoid clogging the vacuum cleaner, it has a 5-level filtration system which easily separates dust from the air. Each level has a different filter installed that filters out the fine particles. Large particles are separated at level 1, while 99.95% of the tiniest dust particles are filtered out at level 5.


Although carpets can enhance the beauty of your home or office, installing carpets should no longer be a concern due to the difficulty of maintaining them. The Viomi A9 cordless carpet cleaner keeps your carpets fresh, clean, and comfortable without requiring you to exert additional effort to keep them that way.



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