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What You Should Expect When a Solar Panel Installation Is Being Done on Your Home

Like so many others, you have probably searched for ways to reduce your expenses. You may have considered reducing your electricity bills by installing solar panels. You may have even searched for the best solar companies in Florida and gathered information about costs and payback period. However, did you learn what to expect during the installation process?

Pre-Installation Process

Prior to your purchase, you should learn the regulations in your state and city. Your homeowner’s association may have specific rules regarding solar panel installations as well. You should also have a site inspection to determine where your panels will go and investigate your structure’s integrity and ability to hold the weight. A contractor should also search for anything that could delay or prevent your panel’s installation and effectiveness.

You may have to prune trees or make repairs or upgrades to your roof. You also need to get your permits in order. This can take a few weeks. You should also clear out the areas where your contractor may need to put a ladder to get onto your roof and get to your electrical system.

Basic Steps To Take

Choose a contractor with extensive experience installing solar panels. You will choose between a meter or battery system, so your contractor should understand the option you choose.

You should also undergo an evaluation to determine what type of system you need to reduce your energy expenses. For example, do you want to reduce your bill by half or have no bill every month? The size and makeup of your system will rely on these decisions.

You also need to determine whether you plan to lease or purchase your solar panels and how you will pay for them and their installation. Work with a reputable company that sells solar panels Tampa Florida that can walk you through the process.

What To Expect on Installation Day

When your contractor and his or her team arrive at your home, you will need to verify your order and installation plan. You will show the team your electrical panel and allow them into your attic. If you did not remove furniture or other obstructions, the team may help you or direct you to remove some items. Then, they will establish a work zone and install safety ropes before getting onto your roof.

The team will then install your solar panel’s rails. Your team will then begin the electrical work, which includes mounting an inverter and wiring the panels. Then, they will install your panels on the roof and clean up the area.

You will undergo a final inspection of your panel installation, and then, the contractor can turn them on.

Assessing Financing Options for Your Home

First, you can lease your panels, but you should find a company that offers this service. You can expect a Solar panel price of $30,000 or more, so you may want to finance your panels. Fortunately, tax incentives and credits may significantly reduce your up-front costs. You can receive up to $9,000 or 30% in tax credits. Work with the solar company to gain financing if you choose this option.

Do your due diligence before purchasing your solar power system. Consider the costs, maintenance and payback period as well as your estimated savings and the life of the panels.



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