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WestStein Corporate Account For Your Business

Every company needs a business account. What it should be depends on many factors. But the WestStein corporate account, no matter what other options it is compared with, always wins due to its undeniable uniqueness.

What is a business current account?

In general, any company that feels more or less stable and strives for development strives to open an account for business online. This option has nothing to do with the level of income, the status and direction of the company.

To make it clearer, a corporate account is a “custodian” of the company’s money, to which several persons have access at once, and if necessary, this number is changed by the manager or person responsible for such matters.

In parallel with the storage of funds, they are used by different responsible (having access) persons for certain expenses. Please note that the business account provides the same opportunities for all “owners”.

Everyone can view where and by whom certain amounts were spent.

A free online account from WestStein is an excellent choice in the modern world for those companies that want to reach a qualitatively different level, increase their capabilities and status.

Corporate online account: main features

By opening a business current account with WestStein, you can not only guarantee the company the optimal option for storing funds.

The serious financial capabilities that WestStein MasterCard cards have allow you to carry out transactions, carry out various financial transactions, make payments and clearly control the expenses of the entire team.

It can be used anywhere in the world, which is especially important for those developing international business relations.

Competent strategy, planning and management of available funds in any country in the world – something you could only dream of before? WestStein is ready to make all this a reality.

WestStein provides the following benefits to businesses:

  1. At any day and time, you can have absolutely secure access to the money in your account using online virtual banking.
  2. Support without interruption, seven days a week, which can be received in different parts of the world.
  3. Increased security of funds, thanks to a multi-level authorization and security system. Those. You don’t have to worry not only about funds, but also about data.
  4. An app on your phone makes it easier to manage your business funds.

An account is opened for a different number of employees. The procedure is available from your phone. Everything is very simplified, but at the same time protected to the maximum. Decide on this advantage for your own business right now. Enter a new stage in development.



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