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Wedding Suit: The Perfect Suit for Your Big Day

Gone are the years when the groom was excluded from bridal fashion. And when it comes to wedding suits for men, there is more to the tuxedo than meets the eye. The black tuxedo is usually the standard for weddings, but tailors have noticed a change. And more than ever, men are choosing suits and silhouettes in various colours.

Popular Variations

If you pick a three-piece suit, wear your pants high on the waist and, if possible, use suspenders to shorten your vest, lengthen your legs, and slim your physique. You should not be able to spot the waistband of your shirt or pants between your vest and pants. Besides, formal pants must fit more extensively than the waist and look better because they are not held in place by tension. Corset pants also don’t scoop into your stomach and are flawless after a long-sitting meal. Moreover, do not wear a belt with your vest.

Suit Colour

When you have a colour theme, it’s helpful to have a colour swatch. And when in doubt, a solid mid-grey goes with everything, and avoid making the tone too bright. Meanwhile, navy blue is exceptionally versatile and will complement any complexion. Also, the contrast with the backgrounds gives a more detailed profile. One final recommendation is to choose matte fabrics over glossy materials. The matte cloth absorbs light rather than reflects it, and the suit looks more colourful, and it looks great in photos too.

A sunny day’s wedding calls for a more casual style in lighter tones with a softer structure. Delicate linen suits, pieces of cotton, and summery wool frescoes all work well in summer. Also, opt for darker colours like linen navy blue or charcoal grey if you’re fair-skinned. A simple two-piece suit can be paired with mellow leather shoes such as loafers or suede moccasins. Besides, sporting a tie or bow is a matter of preference.

Formal Weddings

For traditional weddings, you may wear your morning attire. The morning apparel and closely related dress tails should fit like a glove. It is also known in the industry as a body coat, and it should ideally be bespoke. Also, you should decide if you want to rent or buy ready-made products. Lateral and longitudinal balance must be specific to control the extended tails from crossing and separating. Meanwhile, entire ensembles are usually hot and tiring, so keep that in mind. Besides, morning wedding suits for men are generally dark coats (usually herringbone pattern), a buff, sky blue, or silk waistcoat, and a black coat paired with grey striped pants.

On the other hand, the all-grey look is a little brighter but less versatile and less suitable for occasions. A crisp, stiff collar (folded back instead of wings), a silk tie, and shining black shoes are all you need to complete this look.

Destination Weddings

If the perfect wedding place for your big day is near the tropics, linen attire may be the best alternative. Its light and airy fabric keep you calm on your special day, and the tint helps to counteract the sweat. And for a simple ritual, pale grey or tan linen wedding suits for men can provide a sophisticated glimpse while giving a relaxed look.

In the end, whatever colour and style choice you make, style it with smartness and confidence and a happy smile for your big day.



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