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Types of Hair Extensions

Hair extensions increase hair fullness allowing women to achieve “long hair goals” without waiting a long time to grow it. They come in different styles and forms. Before making a choice, consider the type of hair (synthetic or human), material longevity, installment processing, and cost.

Let’s discuss the different types of hair extensions. 

Clip-in Extensions

These extensions get clipped into the natural hair. Clip-ins are the safest, quickest, and easiest extensions to install. They are the best choice for those looking for a temporary hairstyle change. 

Clip-ins are commitment-free and low maintenance, and they can change a person’s look in minutes without damaging their real hair. The greatest advantage of this extension type is that a person can apply it alone. 

The process involves attaching the clip-in pieces at the base of the selected spot and pressing it gently to snap onto the hair. Clip-in extensions don’t require heat or chemicals during the application, so they cannot cause damage to the hair.

Tape-in Extensions

Tape-in extensions consist of two strips of hair attached with tape, and the natural hair is “sandwiched” in between. They are ideal for those with fine and thin hair textures. The goal is to create a rolling veil effect. 

A person can reuse these extensions several times. Tape-ins are ideal for those looking to add more length and volume to their style. They lay flat, making them the best for consistent styling. Women can typically wear tape-in extensions for six to eight weeks. 

The extensions are appropriate for weddings, vacations, and other events. They are comfortable, weightless, and don’t require direct heat to apply to natural hair. 

One can reuse a single set of extensions up to three times. There’s no need to re-purchase tapes for each application, provided the extensions get washed, blow-dried, and brushed between appointments.

Keratin Bond Extensions

The installation process of keratin extensions involves twirling the fingers and a quickly heated bond. The hair moves naturally due to the placement of the extensions. Individuals with thinning or fine hair should consider this option as it offers versatility to create different styles without exposing the added hair. 

Keratin extensions fill out uneven hair density and sparse areas well. These extensions are suitable for all hair types and require low maintenance and upkeep. 

Keratin bond extensions can last up to four months without requiring extra tweaks. Stylists can customize the extensions to improve or match the client’s natural hair color. 

Microbead Extensions

Microbeads are an alternative option to keratin, sew-ins, and glue installations. These extensions are voluminous, versatile, and vibrant. Micro beading adds length to natural hair without heat or chemicals that are a turn-off since they can cause damage to their hair. 

Microbead extensions involve strand-by-strand application using metallic loops attached to the extensions. The installation process takes three hours, but it can be more, depending on the amount of hair applied. 

The extensions can last for five to six months with proper care. Micro-linking allows individuals to add highlights and lowlights to create a refreshing and vibrant look.

Sew-in Extensions

Sew-ins are extensions secured to the scalp by braiding natural hair, and then the weave is sewn into the braid tracks. The weave adds more fullness and length to any style. Women can wear weaves with straight hair, curls, and colors. 

Sew-ins help to conceal bald spots or thin hair, providing flexibility to change hairstyle without waiting for the hair to grow. The extensions don’t need glue or heat during the application, which means they do not cause damage to natural hair. 

After getting sew-ins, an individual can wash and style the hair as desired. Weaves are an ideal option for those who experience difficulty growing natural hair or want a protective style after too much chemical straightening. 

Choose the Best Hair Extensions Stylist

Find a hair extensions stylist who focuses on making their clients feel empowered and look beautiful. A stylist who is knowledgeable and trained is capable of providing sound advice that will help you achieve the look you’ve envisioned. Find out their level of experience and the available options for the methods of hair attachment. 

The best stylist will perfectly place highlights and lowlights while considering the client’s hair goals and facial structure. Whether the client wants a complete transformation, improved natural hair tone, or funky colors, the integrity of their hair should be the stylist’s priority.



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