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Trigonometry – Study The Relation Between Angles And Sides

Mathematics is a vast subject, with a lot of fields in it. We all need to study the basics of every field. One of the crucial branches of mathematics is trigonometry. It holds huge importance because of its applications. Trigonometry itself consists of many different crucial concepts. Trigonometric formulas and trigonometry ratios are two of the important topics of this field. Let us discuss both of these topics in detail for a better understanding of them.


It is a discipline of mathematics that investigates the links between triangles’ sides and angles. Every straight-sided form may be broken down into a series of triangles. Hence, trigonometry can be found throughout geometry. Trigonometry also has a plethora of complex links with other fields of mathematics, including complex numbers, infinite series, logarithms, and calculus. Thus every student needs to have a good hold on the concepts of trigonometry as they have a lot of use in solving problems. Let us first go through trigonometric formulas.

Trigonometric Formulas

These are the collection of many different formulas that consist of trigonometric identities. These are very helpful in solving problems involving trigonometric functions. There are many formulas, let us discuss a few of them.

Let us first go through the formulas involving periodic identities. All the identities repeat themselves over a regular interval, that is, we will get the same value of a trigonometric ratio after a specific cycle is completed. For example, if one thinks of tan 30 and tan 120, one will find out that the value of both is equal. Just on this concept, these formulas of trigonometry are based on. Sin (90-theta) where theta is the angle, is always equal to cos(theta). Thus, one can interchange both of them and use them in question, if needed. Similarly, cos(90-theta) = sin(theta). These relations are very helpful while solving questions. These formulas were of the first quadrant only; there are different formulas for different quadrants.

Trigonometry Ratios

These are the fundamentals of trigonometry. Whenever we hear the word trigonometry, a few words like sine and cosine instantly come to mind. These are nothing else but the trigonometric ratios, in total there are six ratios. These ratios give us a direct relation between the angles of the right-angled triangle and its sides. There are a total of six ratios in trigonometry, but out of the three are considered as the primary ratios. Three primary ratios are sine, cosine and tangent. Let us see the relationship between the sides and the angles given by these ratios.

The ratio of perpendicular to that of the hypotenuse gives us the value of sine of that triangle. Cosine is nothing else but the ratio of base and the hypotenuse of the right-angle triangle. The last primary ratio is given by the ratio of perpendicular to that of the base of the same triangle. This way one can calculate the three primary ratios, but what about the other three ratios? The other three ratios that are cosecant, secant and cotangent can be derived from the primary ratios. They are nothing but the reciprocal of the primary ratios. Cosecant can be found by reciprocating sine, secant is reciprocal of the ratio cosine, and at last, cotangent is equal to the ratio of base to that of perpendicular, which is nothing else but reciprocal of the tangent.

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In the above article, we have discussed a few of the concepts such as trigonometry ratios and formulas in detail. Students will get a lot of knowledge from this article regarding the discussed topics. Students can take the help of online platforms if they face difficulty in understanding any topic related to mathematics.



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