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The Ultimate List Of Wedding Essentials

Whatever your plans for your wedding day, this article presents a list of items that are essential to everyone. The Ultimate List of Wedding Essentials provides a compilation of supplies that anybody needs!


Decorations can also be a great way to add personality and uniqueness to your wedding day. When it comes to decoration and sentiment, nothing can beat colourful balloons for the wedding. Whether used as table centrepieces or part of a more general decoration scheme, balloons make for an adorable and affordable way to add some festivity to your day.


Wedding cakes are one of the most popular gifts given to couples before their wedding day. There are so many different types and flavours to choose from, and no matter what type of cake you choose, there is bound to be something special about it.

What to wear when planning a wedding

Planning a wedding can seem daunting, but by following these simple tips you’ll be on your way to a perfect day. Here are the essentials:

  1. Wedding planner- A good wedding planner will help you organize every detail of your big day, from the invitations to the seating chart.
  2. Guest book- If you want to keep your guests’ notes and memories of your wedding, consider buying a guest book.
  3. Photocopier- If you need copies of any important documents, like your marriage license or ceremony program, take along your photocopier.
  4. Ceremony programs- Make sure to have a copy of the ceremony program printed and ready to go, in case any guests want one as a keepsake.
  5. Reception cards- Print out some reception cards before your wedding and include information like the time and place for photos, RSVPs, and names of who will be cutting the cake and serving refreshments.

What colours to choose?

Choosing the right wedding colours is crucial for creating a beautiful wedding. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect colours for your wedding:

-Choose light or neutral colours that will pair well with any style of wedding decor.

-Avoid brightly coloured schemes; they can be too jarring against neutrals.

-Think about your bridesmaids’ dresses and other accessories. Make sure everything ties in together harmoniously.

-Consider incorporating symbols or motifs related to your couple’s interests or memories together with your colour choice.

-If you’re not sure what colours will work best for you, consult with a designer or another wedding planner familiar with traditional Wedding Colors.



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