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The Need For Gaming Glasses

The gaming space is changing at a rapid pace. In the past, one would indulge in gaming just for the sake of fun and it was limited to being a pastime activity. But now it has also become a career option and people are also making a living out of gaming.

Gaming does have its benefits. The fun element that it is loaded with is known to alleviate mood and make us more jolly. With online gaming around, gaming has become even more exciting. But it also has its downsides, which arise due to the increase in exposure to digital screens.

Increase in screen time

We are already dependent on digital screens to get even our day-to-day necessary activities done. Gaming only adds more to the screen time. But what is the problem with a high screen time?

Digital screens emit blue light. Blue light is a component in the visible spectrum of light. Visible spectrum is that portion of the light spectrum which is visible to the naked eye. The blue light emitted from these screens have a very high frequency and this is the property that has caught the attention of medical experts.

Effect of blue light on eyes

When it comes to overall health, blue light does have its benefits. It is crucial for the proper functioning of the body. Talking about eyes, there are certain conditions under which blue light may cause more harm than good. Let’s have a look at these.

There is a certain threshold under which exposure to blue light is absolutely fine. But once it exceeds this limit, it can cause harm to the eyes. Hence, excessive exposure is the first condition under which blue light can cause harm to the eyes. Another condition one needs to be mindful of is exposure under dim light conditions.

Under the above-mentioned conditions, blue light can lead to problems like eye strain, dry eyes, blurry vision, headaches, etc,

Role of gaming glasses

If you look for glasses online in the UK, you will be amazed to find a huge variety of gaming glasses available here. These are nothing but blue light blocking glasses. These glasses utilise a protective coating, which blocks blue light falling on the lens surface and reduces the exposure to eyes to negligible levels.

In simple words, gaming glasses are highly effective in preventing the blue light from striking your eyes. If you are into gaming, or even if your exposure to digital screens is significant, blue light blocking glasses are what you need.

Best frame styles for gaming glasses

Here are some of the trending frames that will make your blue light glasses not only a digital safety instrument but also a fashion accessory.

Clear Frames

The spectacular glassy structure of the clear frames makes your glasses what they are supposed to be – stylish. Whether you choose the decent round styles, the funky oversized ones, or even the classic wayfarers, clear frames glasses will never lose the charm that they carry.

Metal Frame Glasses

The edgy metal frames are your ideal styles if you are looking for something sophisticated, to match your gaming needs. To make it even more classic, why not try out the out-of-the-box geometric styles. The metal frame glasses are also highly durable and they will definitely stay by your side for a long time.

Tortoiseshell Frames

The vintage tortoiseshell styles have been a big hit among fashion enthusiasts. They bring a sense of nostalgia to the table, coupled with an aesthetic visual appeal. The most amazing part of these frames is their contrast. Whatever shade of colours you may choose, the contrasting effect is just brilliant.

It is to be noted that no turtles were harmed in their manufacturing, as these frames are made from materials like plastic and plant-based acetate.


The browline style is nothing short of magic. The relatively thicker top portion of the browline frames go a long way in highlighting your facial features. Whether you pick up the roundish ones or the angular ones, the browline will always create magic for your looks.

Half-rim Glasses

If you are looking for something that is contemporary, half-rim glasses are your way to go. These glasses are trending like never before – thanks to their appealing design. Take to the half-rim glasses to make a bold fashion statement. This classic style will never disappoint.
It’s high time that you get your very own stylish pair of gaming glasses. To make it simple for you, we have listed down the trending styles for you. You can buy your glasses online. If your requirement is urgent, try out same day glasses. Same day glasses make it possible for you to receive your glasses within 24 hours of you placing the order.



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