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Tell the World: Ten Twitter Tips for Terrific Businesses

Smart business owners like yourself use free marketing platforms like Twitter to drive traffic to digital assets that they own. Now, that’s smart Twitter marketing for business.

If you’re looking to grow your business by nailing your Twitter efforts, you’re in the right place. Read on to learn ten key Twitter tips, including Twitter hashtag tips, to help you expand your business!

  1. Use Twitter Lists

You can avoid the mindless scroll on social media by using the feature, Twitter lists.

Twitter lists help you organize your timeline by categorizing the people you follow into lists. For business, you might follow people who give social media and branding tips. You might also follow people who give accounting tips. Creating different lists and organizing your timeline can help you find what you need quicker.

  1. Develop a Content Strategy

Twitter is only one audience-facing channel that you use to connect with existing and new customers. You likely also have a blog on your website, an Instagram account, a Facebook account, and a Pinterest account.

With all of these different channels of communication with your customers, how do you ensure that you’re not posting repeat content on each platform?

The answer is to develop a solid content strategy. Figure out what you’ll be posting on each channel based on what content performs best on each platform, to tackle an all-around content strategy for your business.

  1. Gather User Generated Content

We’ll let you in on a sweet acronym: UGC, which stands for “user-generated content.”

This form of content is like gold for your small business. Your brand users create content, such as unprompted reviews, and post them to social media channels like YouTube or Twitter.

This is free advertising and valuable social proof that your small business can use to prove to new customers that your brand is trustworthy and worth buying from.

Scour the Twitter platform for any UGC that you can request to use for brand affairs. Download videos from Twitter to your Mac and incorporate this free content in your future brand advertising!

  1. Drive Traffic to Website

Do you remember that content strategy you developed in tip #2 on this list? Well, here’s how to exercise that strategy and how to use Twitter for business.

Twitter is a great platform to promote your original content. However, the platform allows for only a limited number of characters. You can’t post your whole blog post in a tweet–that’s the point of a tweet: to keep it short and simple.

What you can do, is use your tweets to redirect traffic to the desired page you’re promoting. This can be a new blog post you wrote or your website’s homepage, where you intend to collect emails.

  1. Automate and Schedule Posts

You may have heard this before from other pages teaching you how to grow on social media: consistency is key.

When you consistently put out content in front of your users and your content pops up on their feed, you remind them that you still exist. They engage with your content and you become a part of their daily routines, without them even realizing.

Think about how your engagement drops when your content drops. Your business becomes quiet and people forget that you’re still running a business.

One way to ensure consistent content is to automate and schedule your posts. Even if it’s only one or two tweets per day, an active account looks good for your business.

  1. Stay on Trend

Social media platforms allow people around the world to hold conversations on online spaces. You can find what people are talking about by utilizing Twitter’s trending hashtags.

Invite yourself to the conversation and share your business’ stance and brand values. Customers can then discover your brand when they follow these popular hashtags.

Don’t undermine the impact of great social media copy!

  1. Reply to Your Followers

When your customers engage with you, it is your responsibility as a business owner, to make them feel heard and valued. This means, reply to your customers if they tag you in their Twitter tweets. Use the Twitter tagging system to respond to them and acknowledge their taking the effort to communicate with you.

It doesn’t have to be anything super elaborate. A sentence of acknowledgment goes far to help customers feel appreciated. This is how you cultivate good customer relationships and how you build a loyal fan base.

  1. Grow Your Email List

There are a few ways you can use Twitter to grow your email list. By far, the easiest one is to offer a freebie. This is something that your followers want, that you give away for free! It’s as simple as that.

The point of freebies is to warm your customers up by giving them something of value without asking for anything in return. Well, the only thing you ask for is an email, and that doesn’t cost them anything.

This is the start of your lead generation funnel. As soon as you get their email, you can begin to communicate with your customers and build them up for a sale.

  1. Build Excitement for a Launch

If your small business operates by dropping launches, Twitter is a great platform to help build up the hype before you drop.

For example, if your small business sells t-shirts and sweatshirts with your original art, you can use Twitter to inform your customers of an upcoming line drop.

The fact that you tell them in advance of them being able to purchase the product builds excitement and eagerness to get the product. You can learn more about what you need to do pre-launch to have a successful launch campaign.

  1. Create a Customer Support Account

We’ll keep the last of these Twitter tips simple and easy to implement: create a separate channel for customer support. If you run a business with a considerable customer base, it would be wise to create a separate channel on Twitter where customers can reach you for any inquiries or concerns.

Your business’s ability to address your customers’ concerns will help build their confidence and loyalty to your brand. Make sure you do everything in your power to ensure a good customer experience.

Unsatisfied customers will not fight and scream. They might let other people know their experience and then, they’ll take their business elsewhere.

Keep your customers close by ensuring a good customer support channel.

Powerful Twitter Tips for Growth

Even if you’re new to the whole Twitter scene for business, you can still grow your audience and expand your business. These Twitter tips are a great place to start.

If you’re looking for more resources on how to navigate social media, including other best Twitter tips for business, be sure to check out more from the business section on our blog!



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