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Technology Our Friend or Foe in 2021?

The advancement of technology is certainly not new. It is taking place since human history begins. From simple inventions like knives, spears made out of rocks to capture animals for food to items like telephones and TV. Technology is moving ahead from time to time. The real question here is the impacts of technology are good and bad? Views, advancements, knowledge, undertakings, and creations of people single group: we as whole humankind. From the 20th to the 21st-century technology has taken more pace and is exceptionally growing.
With machines and electronic items being created and enhanced all the time now, it likely has positive impacts on human life. Incidents like COVID-19 pandemic has made us realized how important technology is in our everyday life. In a lockdown, there was no other source of connecting with people we love. Even our everyday needs were fulfilled with the aid of technology. Students are getting an online education, just imagine what would happen if we were lacking technology in 2021.
Well, where there are good thinkers, critics are always there to make things look bad.

Positive side of technology

We all know about this quote “necessity is the mother of invention”. It was the necessity of human beings that we have traveled such a long way. It is important for the transformation and betterment of humankind. Today you will see many amazing items and advancements taking place. Technology has not helped just one sector, but education, healthcare, world population, material standards are also raised. Technology is also helping in war, communication, human activities, and even with Mother Nature.
In other individuals and societies, aspect technology has a huge influence in both direct/indirect ways. This includes human relationships, entertainment, governance, morality, views, matter, mind and even improving human nature. Today it is impossible for humans to live without technology. Technology has eased our lives and also helped in saving many. Without advancements in technology humankind will never flourish.

Negative side of technology

There are always two sides of the coin and we as a human cannot ignore the bad side. The major impact of technology is codependency. Today people are relying on technology. Every human being is living virtual life. People are even losing their willingness. They do not think before acting. People are becoming bound to technology. Humans are becoming more impatient than before. If it takes a little bit longer to download any file on their computer, they become impatient. Children are getting negatively influenced by the use of the internet. We are always expecting immediate responses like when expecting a mail or call from others.
How do you think it will work for the betterment of personal growth and the realization of reality? The real world is quite diverse from the virtual world. Humans must understand the difference.
Technology has interfered so much in our lives that we don’t have time for our friends and family. We are comfortably connected with them using social media apps like Indian Social Media App, Facebook, etc. Today people have thousands of friends online, but in real life they are empty. Even if we are living in the same city and place we use social media to connect. Children are more in front of TV screens than on playgrounds. Technology has made a comfortable bubble around humans and they do not wish to leave it because it’s convenient and easy.

Technology is both friend and foe of human kind

Technology has made human life easy, longer, and clean. It is doing well. The advancements in the healthcare industry have lengthened our lives. We have good treatments available now. Companies are producing many reliable solutions. On the other hand, these businesses are focusing on making more money, and advancements are used only to generate profit no matter what is the quality of the service or product now.
Technology crafts culture but without morals. Social relations are getting worse and this can be seen on social media sites. People are arguing unnecessarily on things that have no value to humans. Social media apps like Indian Social Media App, Facebook is to connect with people who are far from us. These platforms are to create awareness and many good things. But as a human, we are using it in the wrong way. Technology is not bad if human knows how to handle it. It can do wonders in our lives like help to educate our children safely in 2021.

Final words

If technology is put to use best, it can inspire development in both related and non-related areas. On the other hand, it can havoc world of humanity if we do not become responsible on time. It is all up to the present generation how to immense with technology. The important thing is how to make sure technology helps humanity without any bad impact.



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