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All You Need to Know About Screw Piles

Screw pilesare the foundation made of piles or helix that keeps the piles screwed to the ground. You can understand the process if you imagine the screwing process into the wood. The screw piles generally have more than one pile. However, it totally depends on the ground condition and the usage.

Sometimes engineers also ask about the benefits they may get from using Screw pilesin the project. Here we have gathered some of the potential advantages of using these. Keep reading the article to know about the most beneficial facts of screw pile. The list is as follows-

  1. Screw Piles Are Very Easy to Install

This is one of the most beneficial advantages of Screw piles.The installation does not need any special types of equipment. The conventional types of equipment such as a mini-excavator with a proper sized hydraulic motor of low-speed high torque are enough for the installation. There lies no need for mobilizing special equipment such as a large, drilled shaft rag or a crane with a pile hammer. Therefore, it enables the contractors to have a quick response on site.

  1. The Site Disturbance Is Minimal

The screw piles installation involves a little to no disturbance in the construction site which makes it an even more suitable option. The noiselessness or limited noise is also responsible for its popularity the construction site.

  1. It Can Be Loaded Immediately

Among all the other types of unique advantages of screw piles,one includes its capacity of immediate capacity of load carrying. Moreover, it can be loaded immediately after the installation. You do not need to wait or make a delay for the grout or concrete become to become hard. This unique feature makes it more as useful as some projects may need an emergency response. When the rest of the construction is depending on the foundation, and the time is short, the screw piles are a very good option.

  1. The Capacity Increases

In most cases or soil conditions, the screw piles loading capacity increases with time. This is a result of thixotropy and aging effects. This implies that that the loading capacity of the screw piles is lower in comparison with the long-term capacity.

  1. No Soil Cutting Is Involved

No soil cutting is involved with the Screw piles.And because of that, no additional clean-up is required after the job is done; only the minimal one.

  1. Installation at Remote Location

One of the other usefulness of this is very well fitted in locations that have limited access. Screw piles need limited space and equipment. Therefore, it comes best for places that do not have the scope of access of having modern and fancy equipment. This feature makes it even more useful.

  1. It Can Be Installed on Various Subsurface

Another unique feature of the Screw pilesis, they can be installed on various types of surfaces. For example, it can be installed on both hard and soft clay. it is applicable for both dense and loose grains of sand as well.

  1. Any Type of Orientation Is Suitable

In general, the screw piles are used vertically. However, if the project needs, it can be installed horizontally as well. This hassle-free shift in orientation makes the Screw pilesvery useful equipment.

  1. Installation in Groundwater Conditions

No excavation is involved with the installation process of screw piles. However, in cases of underpinning it to an already existing structure, you may need a little excavation. Generally, a little groundwater makes no negative impact on the installation process and reduces the cost by eliminating the need for a pump.


These are some of the most useful features of Screw piles. You surely know now where and how to use these piles.



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