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RIP Full Forms: A Complete Guide With All Existing Usages


You think you already know what is RIP full form, right? You must be eager to say that the RIP full form meaning is “Rest in Peace”. But did you know that there are over 15 different RIP Full Form in English? Yes, the 3 letters R, I, and P are used to define over 15 different things with distinct meanings. So, the next time somebody tells you that they know what is RIP, you can tell this interesting fact and surprise them.

To take you through all the different usages of RIP, we have gone through several dictionaries and formulated this complete guide for you. Now with this one guide, you will know everything there is about the abbreviation RIP. So let’s get into it.

History of RIP

Before the modern RIP Full form came into existence, ancient Christians used various phrases like ‘dormit in pace’, ‘Requiescat in pace et in amore’, or ‘requiescunt in pace’. The phrase meant that “they died in the peace of the Church, that is, united in Christ.” These phrases can be seen in tombs and catacombs of early Christians, with the earliest records dating back to the 5th century. Rest In Peace has been derived from Requiescat in pace. And it was being widely used in tombs of Christians in the 18th century. Since then, RIP is an abbreviated form of ‘Rest In Peace.

Other Uses

In modern times, the abbreviation RIP is being used for several different things. The 17 most common uses of RIP are,

  • Rest In Peace
  • Requiescat In Pace
  • Read in Private
  • Request in Process
  • Rapid Install Package
  • Remote Indicator Panel
  • Rate Image Processor
  • Refractive Index Profile
  • Rapid Installation Plan/Phase
  • Rough-In Point
  • Research in Progress
  • Recovery Is Possible
  • Really Inspirational People
  • Return If Possible
  • Regular Investment Plan
  • Retirement Income Plan
  • Routing information protocol

Most of the full forms mentioned above are used when talking about specific fields, like law, technology, and software, while some are just slang usages among the urban population. Here’s a detailed explanation of some of the most common uses of RIP.

Legal Documents

If you happen to see RIP on some legal documents, then be sure that it has nothing to do with Rest In Peace. The RIP in legal terms is the short abbreviation for,

  • Regulation Of Investigation Powers

This RIP is a government act that governs the investigation powers provided to public bodies. These investigation powers include covert surveillance operations like planting of bugs, video surveillance and interceptions of private calls, etc. With RIP Act, the government regulates the surveillance powers available to public organizations.

Science and Technology

The term RIP is used as a short form for several scientific and technology-related terms. Here are a few examples of RIP in technological terms.

  • Refractive Index Profile: Refractive index profile is the profile classification of refractive indices of the various material inside the optical fibre.
  • Research in Progress: Research in progress or RIP, is used to mention the scientific research work that is still in progress.
  • Recovery Is Possible: Recovery Is Possible is a CD or floppy used for recovery, maintenance, and backup for different system files.
  • Remote indicator panel: Remote Indicator Panel is an LED panel that indicates the status and various other specifics of a system. The indicator panel is used to monitor a system’s specifics without exposing its location or features.
  • Rapid Installation Plan/Phase: The Rapid installation phase or RIP is a term used to describe a rapid installation process that is mainly industrial in nature.
  • Rapid Installation Package: Rapid installation package is usually a setup file included in the software installation files to support a quicker installation.


RIP is used commonly two describe two financial and banking terms. They are,

  • Regular Investment Plan: Regular Investment Plan is an investment plan with pre-determined and recurring deposits
  • Retirement Income Plan: Retirement Income Plan allows you to deposit a set amount regularly, which will return with interest as a retirement income.

Other Uses

RIP also has other not so popular uses like

  • Really Inspirational People,
  • Read in Private,
  • Routing information protocol, etc.


As you can see, a simple abbreviation RIP has so many different meanings and usages in different fields. From law and finance to software and technology, the meaning of RIP keeps changing according to the context. And that’s why you must be careful whenever you see the word RIP on something other than a tombstone. We have tried to cover most of the common implementations of the abbreviation RIP. However, there can be other uses that may have missed our eyes somehow

So, watch out and keep exploring the words and abbreviations that you think you already know everything about. And we’re sure you will be surprised by the information you’ll find.




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