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How to Clean the Living Room of Your Rental Flats?

Keeping the living room clean of your rental flat is significant. It is essential for your hygiene and builds a lasting impression on the house owner. The living room, therefore, must be neat and clean.

You spend time with your loved ones in the living room and also entertain the guests in this space. Heavy usage can make the room filthy. With proper cleaning, you can use the living space with undivided attention and work effectively.

Ways to Clean the Living Room of Your Rental Flats

There can be many people renting out their first apartment and thus need help with the cleaning process. We have noted down some points to help you with the cleaning method. This article will still help you even if you are not new to this sphere. Here are some ways to clean the living room of rental flats for sale in Kullu.

  1. Assemble your cleaning supplies properly

Begin your cleaning project by collecting all the supplies and gadgets you will need in between the job to finish them off correctly. The things you will need for cleaning are a floor cleaner, vacuum cleaner, furniture polish, multiple attachments of vacuum, broom, mop, a small trash bag, and at least two microfiber cloths. It is not an exhaustive list, and you can add and eliminate items accordingly.

Gathering all the equipment will fasten the job. If at any point you realize that a cleaning gadget is missing, not only will this hamper the process, but you will also lose interest in doing it.

2. Place the things back in their proper place.

While cleaning, you will encounter a lot of waste under the furniture like the dining table, sofa set, central table, study table, chairs, and other such areas. Put all the trash in small poly bags and throw it away after finishing the cleaning job. Keep this bag with you to put any waste in it while cleaning.

If you displace any furniture from its place during cleaning, make sure to put it back in its original position. Else, this will lead to a messy living room.

3. Gather the laundry

Living rooms do not yield laundry every single week. However, you should wash stuff like carpets, sofa covers, mats, and couch covers at least once a month. If you have dogs or cats at your place, you need to do the laundry more often because pets spend quite a lot of time on furniture.

4. Scrubbing the hard surfaces

The next step in cleaning the living room of rental flats for sale in Shimla is scrubbing the hard surfaces like a coffee table, end tables, and entertainment centre. Firstly, remove everything that you have placed on these surfaces. Then spray furniture polish on them lightly. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe the spray away. You can use the same microfiber cloth to clean plant pots, picture frames, knickknacks, and many more.

Other related things that you can clean with a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth include glass tabletops, interior windows, window panes, glass frames of pictures, bases of lamp fixtures, faces of light switches, and a mirror of a dressing table, and more. Clean all these surfaces once you open the glass cleaner liquid because coming back to the same equipment, again and again, can be exhausting.

5. Sweep and mop

The next step is mopping the floor. It is vital, if you have hard flooring in the living room, such as wood planks or tiles. Most flats for sale in Kullu have tile or wooden flooring in the living and other rooms. These need to be cleaned more often than you think because dust is more visible on them.

To get good results, ensure that you do not miss sweeping under the sofa, tables, and chairs. Use only a slightly damp mop to clean the wooden planks because too much water can spoil the floor. Excess water leads to the deterioration of the wooden planks. You can also use a dry microfiber mop to clean the floor as an alternative.

6. Use the vacuum cleaner.

Use a vacuum cleaner to make the sofa, carpets, and ceiling fan tubes spotless. Begin cleaning above your head. It is a general thumb rule. A vacuum attachment will suction away dust from the ceiling fan blades. Make sure that you do not leave any surface. Use the attachment tool to clean the outer part of the air vent. Replace the air filter if it looks dirty. Vacuum the corners to remove cobwebs and dust bunnies. Remove the attachment of the vacuum cleaner only after cleaning the surfaces of your upholstered furniture.

7.  Prepare for the next week

Repeat the entire process in the upcoming week to clean the living room of rental flats for sale in Shimla. The living room is a space that you need to clean every week. If you have pets and kids around, do this more often. You can keep chores such as doing the laundry once a month.

Final Words

Start your cleaning process by collecting all your supplies. Dispose of all the waste that you generate after cleaning very carefully. Hopefully, now that you know the importance and way of cleaning, you will keep your living room tidy and dirt free with no difficulty.



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