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Organize A Disorganized Kitchen Using These Tips

A large kitchen with plenty of storage and a separate pantry is not available to everyone. Since dismantling your kitchen and starting over may not be an option, come up with simple solutions to make the most of the space you do have. Take a peek at these ingenious kitchen organization ideas for all the motivation you’ll need. You can take control of your space by tackling cluttered drawers, cabinets, and shelves with a few simple DIYs and organizing items.

Take a glance around your kitchen before using these organizing methods to determine what areas need the most attention: overcrowded spice racks, cluttered drawers and cabinets, and a cluttered pantry, to name a few. It may be easier to tackle one area at a time, beginning with everyday staples (pots and pans, for example) and working your way up to more time-consuming jobs like decanting spices and baking materials into matching glass containers. Gradually, you’ll find that your kitchen is more suitable for cooking, baking, and entertaining, in addition to being neat and clutter-free – a sure evidence that you did it correctly.

Maintain as much space as possible on the kitchen counters. Keep the toaster away from the counter if you don’t use it every day. So you have extra counter space, put it in a cupboard. Examine your kitchen for objects that can be hidden away rather than kept out in the open. Invest in a couple of kitchen railings to keep your often-used spices and utensils. Everything you’ll need while cooking will be close to reaching, but the counter will be clear.

  • Store Produces In Transparent Containers 

Using transparent containers is one of the finest methods to reduce space in your kitchen while keeping things nice. Glass or plastic containers can be used to store everything from spices and baking materials to cereal, chips, and loose-leaf tea.

Choose appealing matching containers such as glass jars, Mason jars, or metal tins if you plan to keep things like flour, sugar, and baking powder on open shelves. Get wholesale mason jars and start organizing.

  • Instead Of Using Horizontal Storage, Consider Vertical Storage

Utensils, silverware, and bottles that are placed horizontally take up more room than those that are kept upright. When things are arranged horizontally, the space that can hold multiple small items holds only one.

In small kitchens, built-in storage is frequently restricted. Racks, corkboards, and rail racks can all be used to create additional storage (for hanging frequently used items). This not only removes clutter from the counters, making them more open and airy, but it also contributes to the aesthetics of any modular kitchen space.

  • Store Spices In Drawers

When you add a few plastic organizers to a shallow drawer and glass jar, you’ve got a match made in heaven. To achieve the greatest fit, measure your drawers beforehand. Arrange the jars so that the labels are facing up and your most frequently used spices are in the front. Spice packets, tea packets, and leftover condiment packets from takeout can all be stored in additional little containers.

  • Use Drawer Dividers

This kitchen organization tip may appear obvious, but it may make a huge difference in your daily life. It’s time-consuming and needless to look for a pointed spatula in a drawer full of floating ladles, wooden spoons, and tongs.

Drawer dividers come extremely handy in this case. Simple wooden separators can be purchased and installed yourself, or organizing trays with different places for your belongings can be purchased.


Use the dividers to organize goods such as your full knife, silverware, and serving utensil sets once you have them.

  • Use Baskets

Keeping your pantry and food cupboard tidy is beneficial in more ways than one. Knowing where everything is can make cooking and selecting healthy snacks much easier.

To keep all of your varied food items, buy sets of matching wire baskets or clear plastic bins in varying sizes. Sort your food into different baskets according to the type of items, such as canned soups, bread, baking goods, and snacks.

If you want to go any farther, organize your baskets by meal type or time of day to make finding things even easier.

  • Clean Your Fridge

Clearing out your fridge, checking expiration dates, and wiping everything out on a regular basis is always a good idea. Produce and leafy greens go bad rapidly, so if you detect sudden wilts, you may try to modify the temperature and humidity conditions. Then, organize related items (such as juice boxes, sparkling water cans, and condiments) in clear bins and drawers, labeling each container with a sticker or dry-erase marker.

  • Adding a Touch of Charm to Everyday Items 

The majority of people spend a significant amount of time in their kitchen. Whether you enjoy cooking or not, the kitchen is a place where you spend a lot of time during the day. Visitors and family members enjoy congregating in the kitchen.

You’ll make this place exactly how you want it by bringing lovely things and organizing them with charm, and you’ll have a lot more fun being here.

By the sink, use a lovely appetizer dish or tray to collect everything you’ll need (or cooking area). Put your dish soap in lovely containers, and you’ve got yourself a pretty station.


Checking out the kitchen and seeing all of the wrecks can make you need to surrender and attack the fridge for 16 ounces of your cherished frozen yogurt. Although cleaning up mistakes that have accumulated over time will take time, it doesn’t have to be so overwhelming that you can’t even begin.

Why not break up the task of organizing your kitchen into short bursts of activity if it seems impossible? Choose one job or area to concentrate on each day and schedule time to finish it. Even if you only organize one cabinet and clear a single part of the fridge, it’s better than nothing and will make a visible improvement in the appearance of your kitchen.




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