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Online Education as a Catalyst for Reforming Higher Education

Online education has not only revolutionised the student life of school and colleges but also the higher education. The present scenario is completely a changed scenario due to online education. In earlier traditional teaching methods, class was focused on education research of learning and explaining the process of studying and learning in the classroom. Students used to make notes only from information written on black/white board and limited text books and notes instructed by tutors. Today even higher education students are studying easily through various new means of online education such as through any online classes app. Higher education is based on specific data according to which students can choose any online classes app to get proper information. Higher education has now been found as a vaccine to eradicate several social and economical issues from the country such as lack of technical talents or poverty. Online education has played the role of catalyst in many ways towards higher education with the help of various facilities it provided. These facilities which changed the face of higher education is, easy access to education, one can obtain higher education even remotely, effective time management, one can obtain higher education even while working or being a professional too whereas while being in job earlier no one can dream about attaining higher education.

Online education has played a significant role as a catalyst in higher education but still it can’t take the place of teachers who teach with a trustworthy bond with a student and support them. We can see the contribution of online education to higher education in the best way where blended learning incorporates the best learning approach with co-operation of teacher and student in higher education.

Online education has improved the quality output of higher education. Students are getting courses and lectures from professionals and successful people of corporate or technical world. They are including their practical experiences while teaching which gives a fine edge to the learning of the students apart from bookish and theoretical knowledge only. With the help of online education relevant curriculum is imparted and by providing academic freedom students are given freedom to learn while working and through this they can change their career path according to their capability and talent. Now this facility has provided a new shape to society also as well as employability ad earning ratio has also increased among people. As a catalyst online education has aided higher education in some very relevant ways such as understanding the learners of higher education and providing them practical knowledge from all over the world on that particular topic or subject. Preparing institutional capacities and doing material development. Performing evaluation, promotion and maintenance and updating the course material according to new researches and new information for particular subject. Earlier only teachers were teaching students but with the help of online education teachers are getting taught with updated course material so that higher education students can get a standard education and create rapport also regarding their knowledge and experience. Induction of Artificial intelligence, virtual classrooms and digital presentations in higher education has enhanced the efficiency of higher education, as well as students are learning many professional and technological etiquettes and aspects already in their studies which they used to learn after getting into jobs. So being already trained in so much students when join professional jobs they are in ready to go position and make a good career out of it.

Induction of online education in higher education has started giving students those professional experiences that students are able to develop institutional leaders in them already. When students learn with so many technically sound processes then they can form their own institution also where they can lead the upcoming students in a more prominent and efficient way and create a new generation of professionally sound students ready to enter higher studies and get success afterwards. These days multinational companies are also searching for professionally sound students as freshers who are sound in technical aspects and also good at online work schedules. Students who have studied under such an online learning atmosphere would easily qualify for such jobs and can start their careers with multinational companies at an initial point of career which rarely happens.



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