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Nidhyana Jadeja School, photos, Instagram, State, Age, Parents – Ravindera Jadeja

Nidhyana Jadeja, the two-year-old daughter of Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja, has taken the internet by storm with her cuteness. Pictures along with videos shared by her proud father on social media showcase Nidhyana’s cheerful personality as well as innocence. From celebrating her milestones to playing cricket together, the adorable father-daughter moments have won millions of hearts. While Jadeja is already a fan favourite for his incredible all-round skills on the field, Nidhyana is fast gaining popularity due to her charming antics. Her bond with one of India’s finest cricketers gives fans a glimpse of the personal side of this celebrated sports star.

1. Cuteness Overload

At just 2 years old, Nidhyana Jadeja is undeniably adorable. Her innocent smiles and playful antics have won over many fans on social media. Pictures and videos shared by her parents showcase her cheerful personality. Her cuteness often goes viral online.

2. Daddy’s Little Girl

It is very clear that Nidhyana is daddy’s little princess. Photos of Ravindra Jadeja doting on his daughter, carrying her, and playing with her melt many hearts. Fans love seeing the fun father-daughter moments. It shows Jadeja’s caring side and makes him more relatable and likable to many.

3. Following in Father’s Footsteps

Like her father, Nidhyana seems to have taken an early liking to cricket. Videos of her batting, bowling and fielding with a mini kit alongside Jadeja are popular. Her interest in the sport at a young age sparks curiosity if she may potentially take up cricket professionally in the future.

4. Relatable Milestones

Jadeja shares glimpses into Nidhyana’s life achievements – her first steps, birthday celebrations and other milestones. Seeing these normal moments makes her very relatable to many parents and kids. It shows fans that despite his fame, Jadeja is just a doting dad enjoying time with his daughter.

5. Adorable Photoshoots

Professional photoshoots of Nidhyana, often dressed as a miniature version of her dad in cricket gear, melt hearts. Her cute expressions and poses in these shots look like they are straight out of ad campaigns. The photoshoots are very aesthetically done and pleasing to look at.

6.  Inspiring New Moms

After Nidhyana’s birth in 2019, photos of Jadeja caring for his newborn and helping his wife were inspiring. It showed he is hands-on as a father. Many appreciated seeing a celebrity dad so involved. This likely made working moms feel more empowered.

7. Family Values

Jadeja comes across as a true family man, often sharing moments with his wife Rivaba along with daughter. His posts promote family values. In an age where many celebrities prioritize their careers over families, Jadeja sets a good example that resonates well.

8. Positive Influence

With over 4 million Instagram followers, Jadeja is an inspiration to many. By sharing sweet father-daughter moments, he spreads more positivity. Nidhyana’s popularity in turn promotes good values like cherishing family bonds as well as childhood innocence.


Nidhyana Jadeja is gaining popularity due to her cuteness and the heartwarming family glimpses shared by her proud father Ravindra Jadeja. Her bond with one of India’s finest cricketers makes people connect with the human side of a celebrity.

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Nidhyana Jadeja

Nidhyana Jadeja wiki, age, date of birth, parents, school, caste, family & more

Name Nidhyana Jadeja
Full Name Kunwaribashree Nidhyanaba Jadeja
Nickname Nidhu
Profession Student
Famous for Being Ravindra Jadeja’s daughter
Date of Birth June 8, 2017
Age (In 2023) 6 Years
Birth Place Jamnagar, Gujarat, India
Current City Jamnagar, Gujarat, India
Nationality Indian
Religion Hinduism
Caste Rajput
Mother Tongue Gujarati
Zodiac Gemini



Physical Stats

Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Family and Marriage Details
Marital Status Unmarried
Father Ravindra Jadeja (cricketer)
Mother Rivaba Jadeja (politician)
Other Relative(s)
Uncle(s) Shatu Solanki
Vivek Sharma
Aunt(s) Naina Jadeja
Padmini Jadeja
Grandfather (Paternal) Anirudhsinh Jadeja
Grandmother (Paternal) Lata Jadeja
Grandfather (Maternal) Hardevsinh Solanki
Grandmother (Maternal) Prafullaba Solanki
Education Details
School Not Known
Educational Qualification Studying in Primary School


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