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Meet Rahul Sharma’s Digital Marketing Journey And Adventurous Escapades


Meet Rahul Sharma, a dynamic individual who has carved his niche in the world of digital marketing. Hailing from Delhi, Rahul Sharma, known as Rahul Dixit on his official Instagram channel @rahulrpg, is one such remarkable personality Born and raised in Delhi. Rahul embarked on a remarkable journey filled with learning, growth, and accolades. With a strong determination to excel, Rahul has not only made a mark as a digital marketing expert but has also ventured into the realms of blogging and teaching. 

Let’s dive into his inspiring story and discover the facets that make him stand out.

A Journey into Digital Marketing:

After completing his 12th grade, Rahul Sharma realized that his calling lay in the captivating realm of digital marketing. In 2013, he took the leap of faith and embarked on his professional journey, driven by a passion for innovation and an eagerness to explore the digital landscape. This decision laid the foundation for his successful career in the industry.

Despite pursuing his higher education simultaneously, Rahul’s drive to excel remained unwavering. He completed his B.Com degree through open learning from Delhi University while working diligently to gain practical experience in the field. This multi-tasking approach allowed him to combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on expertise, giving him a well-rounded understanding of digital marketing.

Evolving as a Marketing Maestro:

With an insatiable thirst for knowledge and growth, Rahul pursued an MBA in Marketing, further honing his skills and expanding his expertise. Balancing the demands of academia and a full-time job, Rahul demonstrated exceptional commitment and determination.

In 2017, Rahul Sharma embraced the world of blogging and launched his platform, GetNews360. This blog became a trusted source of information, covering the latest developments in gadgets, fashion, lifestyle, automobiles, and much more. Rahul’s dedication to delivering quality content and his ability to stay abreast of industry trends made GetNews360 a popular destination for readers seeking insightful articles.

Sharing Knowledge and Expertise:

Rahul’s passion for digital marketing extends beyond his personal endeavors. In his quest to empower others, he started teaching digital marketing classes on weekends. By sharing his knowledge and expertise, Rahul enables aspiring marketers to understand the intricacies of the field and equip themselves with valuable skills. His teaching endeavors reflect his commitment to nurturing the next generation of digital marketing professionals.

Accolades and Recognition:

Rahul Sharma’s contributions to the digital marketing landscape have not gone unnoticed. In May 2022, he received a distinguished award from the renowned actor and filmmaker, Arbaaz Khan, recognizing his excellence as a digital marketing expert. This recognition validated Rahul’s commitment and the impact he has made in the industry.

Furthermore, in November 2022, Rahul was honored with another prestigious award, this time bestowed upon him by the acclaimed actress Ameesha Patel. This award specifically recognized Rahul’s expertise as an SEO expert in Delhi NCR, solidifying his reputation as a leader in his field.

The Adventurous Soul:

Beyond the realms of digital marketing, Rahul Sharma finds solace in exploring new places and immersing himself in different cultures. With a love for traveling, he has embarked on journeys to captivating destinations such as Kashmir, Kolkata, Nainital, Haridwar, Shirdi, Mathura, Bangalore, and many more. Rahul’s passion for travel not only enriches his personal experiences but also brings a fresh perspective and inspiration to his work.


Rahul Sharma’s journey from an ambitious young professional  in Delhi  to a recognized digital marketing expert, blogger, and educator is truly remarkable. His commitment to continuous learning, combined with his ability to balance multiple responsibilities, has allowed him to thrive in an ever-evolving industry. Rahul’s dedication to his craft, demonstrated through the launch of GetNews360 and his teaching endeavors, showcases his desire to contribute to the growth.

As Rahul continues to break new ground in the world of online marketing, he remains an inspiration for aspiring marketers and professionals alike. With his expertise, creativity, and global perspective, he not only helps businesses thrive in the digital realm but also reminds us of the profound impact that our passions can have on our professional endeavors.

In a world where digital marketing is evolving at lightning speed, Rahul Sharma’s journey is a testament to the power of adaptability, relentless learning, and embracing one’s true passions

Rahul Sharma, known as Rahul Dixit on his official Instagram channel @rahulrpg, is a shining example of digital marketing.



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