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Letter for Society’s Development

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is really important, and we often complain about it when other people litter around our neighbourhood. However, we rarely examine ourselves and detest it when others criticise us. It is our job as citizens to maintain our surroundings and society clean. Every person should take the initiative to clean up their environment. Maintaining a clean atmosphere around us is beneficial not only to our physical health but also to our mental health and personality. It is our obligation as responsible citizens to clean up the waste that we see around us, but we must also raise awareness about the issue.

Increasing public awareness will encourage others to clean their surroundings instead of waiting for the sweepers to do so. In order to preserve a clean and hygienic society, we must behave as social humans. If we witness someone else trash, we must send the message to them in a humble manner that they should not do so again; nevertheless, if the same thing occurs again, the matter can be brought to the attention of the society’s president. A letter to the society’s president also has a formal letter format which can be followed while writing to the society’s president or the secretary, or any concerned authority.

At times, the dignitaries of your society might not take any action. Because of such negligence of our seniors and authorities in charge, people are suffering from various hazardous diseases which can be life taking which has led to different pandemics in the world. And, in such a case, you will have to bring it to the attention of the public. If you want to reach a broader audience or raise public awareness, you can write a letter to editor format  describing the situation and encouraging others to do the same. After you bring your concern to the editor, the editor shall bring it to the media, and you can set an example for thousands of people. Keep yourself clean and teach others to be clean for a sustainable environment letter to the editor.

There are different ways to keep our society clean which will ultimately lead to a clean and green world. We don’t have to work hard on the same. School going children are being aware of the same for a better environment in future as a human nature depends on his or her upbringing. As our children grow, they grow with us and they learn with us. We as seniors, young and cultured people, must follow these to become an example for the new generations. Cleanliness should be brought in as a habit in our daily life which will lead to a Swach Bharat, which is the dream of our Prime Minister, and that should be the dream of every citizen. Just like droplets of water make an ocean, a small contribution of cleanliness around your society can bring a clean and green world. Keep yourself clean and keep your dear ones away and safe from various hazardous diseases. A clean environment gives you a clean, clear and peace of mind.



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