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Here are some Vegan and Sustainable Leather Bags for Guilt- Free Fashion

Most of us are immensely crazy for leather bags. This is for the reason that leather bags are extensively used by many people because of their sassy style and look, jarring designs and colors, and the robustness they carry. This being the case that leather bags rarely become obsolete and go out of fashion.

Leather bags are usually made from animal hide. Animal skin is widely and intensively used in the manufacturing procedures. The process can include any animal like sheep, goats, pigs, cows, and even crocodiles. When animals are hunted and killed for such purposes, it generates a disruption in the vital ecosystem.

Killing animals for their animal hide to be used in manufacturing leather bags imposes brutality on them. Most of the fashionable and trendy leather bags that are manufactured have a dark side. We buy graceful leather handbags and use them with so much cheer, but several animals are killed in a very large number every year to fulfil our fashion desires that we tend to possess.

What can be a peaceful resolution to this stumbling block? The answer can be to use green and eco-friendly vegan leather bags. Environmentally amiable action to buy vegan leather handbags have become considerably accepted and favoured at this moment in time. Several women have adopted the practice of using vegan handbags to take the edge off this insanity of killing animals for leather. There are various E-commerce stores available to buy vegan handbags for women. You can also adopt the environmentally conscious way of fashion and make your style panache cooperate with goodwill and generosity.

What are Vegan bags?


Vegan bags are the output that is made without any animal hide or inputs. This gleans its meaning that each and every component of the vegan leather bags, beginning from sheathing matter as its outer material to its straps, handles and even the minutest substance used is made animal-free. There are different types of vegan leather.

Vegan leather like Pleather, made by thermoplastic polymers, Polyvinyl Chloride Leather, Pinatex, Cork Leather, and vegan leather made from pineapple, polymers, and mushrooms are also widely used. The type of vegan leather used to make handbags differs in continuance and finish.

What are the benefits of vegan bags?

  1. Water-proof handbags

If you are planning to buy vegan leather bags, this is one of the exceptional quality and advantage vegan bags have. Exposure of the leather bags to water causes severe damage. Since vegan bags are water-resistant, they can preserve their durability and longevity.

2.    Budget-friendly

Most leather handbags are not cost-effective. Vegan bags have more-or-less similar characteristics as leather handbags, and are budget-friendly as well. Because of this amazing feature, you can pamper yourself with awesome leather bags that can serve as your perfect style quotient.

3.    Harmless Tanning process

Vegan bags are treated with organic materials and fewer chemicals in the manufacturing process. This makes them an eco-friendly and biodegradable asset. This reduces non-degradable waste in the environment. By purchasing vegan bags, you can go in for a lily-white fashionable and durable product.

4.    Environmental-friendly

Vegan bags are made with natural substances like mushrooms, pineapple, cork, and a lot more which are not life-threatening to animals. This helps to maintain the vitality of the ecosystem. Using vegan bags will give you a sense of contentment and can also become a great fashion statement for yourself.

Tiger Marron is a premium handbag brand that has a superlative and well-crafted collection to buy vegan leather bags for women. Some of the vegan bags that can be a great option are here for you.

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A classy and high-toned crossbody vegan bag made with excellent recycled and maintainable material. Free from animal hide, this chic crossbody bag has a single zip closure, removable straps, and a card holder section, making it an ideal product for parties, weddings, and even for gifting to your dear ones.



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