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Jack Harlow Biography and Everything you need to know

Jack Harlow on Tour

Jack Harlow is an American hip-hop artist. Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, he has released several mixtapes over the past few years. Harlow signed to Don Cannon’s Generation Now record label, an imprint of Atlantic Records, in 2015.


Rapper Jack Harlow, born Jackman Thomas, is an American MC. He hails from Louisville, Kentucky, and released several mixtapes in 2015. In 2016, Don Cannon signed Harlow to his Generation Now record label, an imprint of Atlantic Records. In 2017, Harlow released his debut studio album, “Hawks,” which received critical acclaim. However, his career has been somewhat slow in terms of mainstream success.

His latest project, ’18,’ was released in June 2016 and features collaborations with the Homies, a group of Louisville producers and rappers. Harlow has performed at South by Southwest and Bonnaroo, and has had his music featured on iTunes’ top 50 rap albums. Harlow began making music as early as middle school, using a guitar game microphone and free audio editing software. However, he has since branched out into more genres.


If you’ve heard his songs and wondered if he could sing, consider these questions: What does he sound like? Does his style sound like the kind of music that is sung by the “next big thing” rappers? Harlow has a strong rap aesthetic that is heavily influenced by veteran rappers like Drake, and it’s easy to hear how that could translate into a catchy song. His music is breezy and imbued with “feel good energy,” and it’s filled with wisecracking wordplay and intermittent doses of introspection.

During his childhood, Jack Harlow began rapping. His rapping career began when he was twelve years old. He performed at sold-out shows in Louisville while in high school. He then released his first commercial album, 18 (released in November 2015), on his own label Private Garden. Soon after graduating high school, he travelled to Atlanta, Georgia to work with KY Engineering. The recording of his songs led to a series of major label deals.


A rising hip-hop star, Harlow’s breakthrough song “2020” went on to chart at number two on the US Billboard 100. His popularity has earned him the admiration of Lil Wayne and Drake. He also features on their upcoming album. In addition to his success as a producer, Harlow plays college towns in the United States, where he performs to a large, enthusiastic fan base. Here are the things to expect from Harlow on tour.

Born in Shelbyville, Kentucky, Jack Harlow grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. His parents were Irish and French and he grew up on a farm. He made his debut on the stage at South by Southwest, an annual event in Texas that features a parallel film festival, interactive media festival, music conference, and hip-hop. The album’s title track “What’s Poppin'” is one of Jack Harlow’s biggest hits.

TikTok handle

As of January 21, 2020, Louisville rapper Jack Harlow has become one of the hottest young rappers on TikTok. The hit song “What’s Poppin” is gaining huge popularity on the video-streaming app. It has been used in almost 300,000 videos and inspired several trending topics. For instance, one of the most popular trends is the “What’s Poppin” Glow-Up, where users of TikTok flash a glow-up in their videos.

Aside from the music video, Jack Harlow has become an influencer on other platforms as well. He has taken over various niches, including astrology and book-related TikTok. However, he has a knack for flirting with people, especially women. In a recent interview, he flirted with “Saweetie” on the red carpet. In addition to that, he was seen flirting with nearly every female reporter on the red carpet. The only reporter who was unaffected by Jack’s advances was Emma Chamberlain, who is the founder of the Women’s Media Association.




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