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Interesting Things To Know About Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are very popular in all areas of the world, making them a regular occurrence just about anywhere you go. You may not think much about them, but these aesthetic pieces have some interesting things to show you. Here are a few things about wool rugs that might pique your interest.

They’re Durable

Wool rugs stand the test of time, lasting years or even decades after their original creation. Quality is important to rug makers, so they put every ounce of effort into producing only the finest pieces that refuse to fall apart. Hand knotted wool rugs, in particular, are the hardiest types that will look great on your floor for years to come.

They Can Go Anywhere

Wool rugs are very versatile when it comes to finding a place to call home. Whether it’s in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen, wool rugs always find a way to make the room feel a bit nicer than before. Since there are different dimensions to choose from, the right size wool rug can fit in any room. When you’re ready to move it elsewhere, simply roll it up and take it with you!

They Come In Plenty of Designs

The beauty of wool rugs is that they have plenty of designs available. The most popular designs center around patterns, which can pair well with any environment of the same color scheme. Specialty rug makers offer unique designs that may include nature, people, or symbols. For those yearning for a simpler touch, solid color rugs are the way to go.

They Require Cleaning

Wool rugs, like any other piece in your home, require maintenance. Since they are always on the floor, wool rugs will collect a lot of dirt, food, and other unwanted particles. It’s a good idea to clean them regularly to prevent bugs, bacteria, and other infestations. The good news is that they require a deep cleaning only once in a while, so don’t feel the need to do so too often.

They Resist Fire

One major concern for home and building owners is the risk of fire. Fires can occur at any time and place, so dealing with one requires prompt attention. Wool rugs can fend off fires, preventing them from spreading even further. If there is an accidental fire, wool rugs char instead of becoming an additional fuel source.

They Shed

Carpets shed, and so do wool rugs. These rugs are durable, but they aren’t invulnerable; they may shed at times, depending on their construction quality. Rugs that are blended with synthetic or natural fibers will often shed, eventually wearing themselves out and becoming unusable. Machine-manufactured rugs are also prone to shedding due to their creative processes, which are typical of a lower quality than their hand-knotted counterparts.

They Attract Moths

Moths love wool and are always on the lookout for supplies of it. Unfortunately, your wool rug may become the prime target of the fluttery creatures in your area. If your area harbors these critters, then be prepared to endure a perpetual battle against them. Moths will fly into your home under cover of darkness to lay eggs on your prized rug. Left unchecked, those eggs hatch, and the emerging larvae will have plenty of sustenance to feed their growth.

They Can Be Easily Stored

It’s rather easy to store your wool rug, making it one of the less laborious chores in the household. Perhaps most people would not need to remove the rug from its semi-permanent place, some homeowners may enjoy changing the scenery at times. Rotating between rugs becomes a routine that involves moving them back and forth, which is easy enough to do. When the time comes, all it takes is giving it a good wash, hanging it out to dry, and then rolling it up for storage.

There are plenty of reasons to get yourself a wool rug to place on the floor of your living room, kitchen, or sleeping area. These interesting facts about wool rugs may help you see them from an even more interesting perspective.



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