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Instant Ways that girls follow to look more fashionable

“In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous.”

—Elsa Schiaparelli

We couldn’t feel more in sync with Schiaparelli’s words than now being in the pandemic ourselves. Since our lifestyles are slowly reaching a new normal we can bring novelty into our wardrobes as well. Each person that you surround yourself with has an individual personal style, by that I mean we don’t have to wear high fashion outfits or be a part of the trend. A fashionable person wearing the most basic clothes and still look popping. That could be because of the style aspect, for instance say you and your friend has the exactly same white tee but you style it by semi-tucking it in your pants. Or if your preference lies in getting botched nose job then go for it with the advice of a professional.

This very basic geture uplifts your outfit more than you understand.

The good news being that you can build up from whatever negligible style you already have, this article will surely help you do that.


Body Shapes and what to pair them with :

There’s always variety in womens body shapes. We can classify them into five categories which are round, pear, inverted triangle, rectangular, hourglass. Young women especially aren’t educating themselves on this aspect and are trying to fit into a completely different body shape which is unnatural. They are constricting themselves to rigid diets and use of other supplements ( lipozene side effects are evident ) while there are good foods to gain weight or loose them pounds. But the ultimate to look fashionable is by wearing clothes that absolutely fit you.

For an inverted triangle body shape try to avoid tops with boat neck, stripes or prints for your torso as you’d want tp accentuate the bottom half.

Women with pear shape should want to focus on the torso by adding geometric/abstract patterns, bold colours, tops with boat neckline.

As for round body shapes, they have larger upper body so try to define whatever you have. Opt for tailored jacket, top or bottoms.


Accessorize!!! in moderation :

We tend to go overboard with accessories and loose the beautiful balance in a well put outfit.

The general idea of accessories suggest for being a backbone to your look. Only if you’re wearing the most mundane fit of all time then we’d advice you choose a defined accessory.

Mixing colors of jewellery doesn’t make things look clean and mindful, especially because our skin tone sits perfectly with the color that compliments it.

Accessories for god’s sake should’nt be limited gender, as we can see celebrities like ASAP Rocky, Lil Nas X etc are wearing pearl necklaces, dangling or big hoop earrings, broader belts and so on.


Add Layers in all season :

Layering is the significant most thing when it comes to being fashionable but why should it be limited to winter only?

Layering can go wrong easily if you are’nt paying attention to the hue, texture, patterns & proportions.

Now let’s start with the part that hugs your skin, for instance bra, camisoles, tank top etc should’nt be flimsy and sloppy as they will eventually give shape to your overall fit.

Another essential thing to remember when you’re layering is to not compromise over items that have similar lengths. Stacking clothes one on top another demands for it to be from the shortest length to the longest.


Conclusion –

These tips although are tried and tested over the years does’nt ever imply that you’re bound to follow them. In fact, everyone’s fashion journey is new to them and should be aimed at being open minded in developing a personal style.



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