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Instagram for Lead Generation- 3 Easy Ways

Over recent years Instagram has grown out of its initial status as a platform used for connecting with friends and family, and has become an immensely essential marketing tool. 

The reason behind this natural tilt is that Instagram registered over a billion users on the platform, with 500 million daily users. With such a vast audience, businesses and brands grabbed up on the opportunity of connecting with their potential audience. 

Along with many other benefits it offers, Instagram is also used to successfully generate leads. Here are 3 easy ways how you can generate leads through Instagram. 

#1- Optimizing links

The first step for lead generation through Instagram is optimizing the links. 

Instagram offers you a space on your profile where you can make your business and intent as transparent as possible. Therefore, it is imperative that a lot of attention is paid to this section of your profile.

Only when people visit your profile, understand what you do and view your content will they trust you. Therefore, make sure you include the most important information and links in your bio. The most important being your business website link. 

Keep three things in mind. First, keep your links as short as possible. Second, use the phrase ‘link in bio’ as frequently as possible, as this will direct your viewers to your bio, and ultimately your website and lastly, use as many CTA buttons as possible. 

#2- Design of landing pages

For those who may not know what landing pages are, they are the web pages that your audience is directed to when they click on a link. 

By designing the landing page we mean that you should create a very informational, yet  attractive web page when your potential lead clicks on the links. 

If your design page is not optimized, then no matter how extraordinary your lead generation strategy on Instagram may be, your potential leads will never find their way to your website again.

Therefore, your lead generation enthusiasm must be reflected on both, the social media platform and your landing page. 

#3- Build rapport with influencers

Influencer marketing has become a very profitable marketing tool. By connecting with influencers in your field you can reach your target audience and thus generate leads.

However, you have to keep 2 things in mind while connecting with influencers for lead generation. 

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First, you have to make sure that the influencer you choose for you marketing strategy is connected to your niche. As a beauty brand, you cannot conduct business with a gamer or tech blogger, or visa-versa. 

Second thing to keep in mind is that your chosen influencer is credible and their audience trusts their opinions and choices. If this is not the case, then your influencer’s audience will pass right by without becoming your potential leads.

In Conclusion

Instagram is a market in itself now. The platform kept evolving until it became the platform that served the needs of any and everyone. Serving as a marketing tool, Instagram is used for many purposes, one being lead generation. We listed down 3 easy steps for lead generation though Instagram. 

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