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How to Spend a Weekend in Milwaukee

The citizens of the festival city have a lot to choose from. But if you’re considering relocating here, you need to be aware of, among other things, what makes it extraordinary. Milwaukee is known for more than just baseball, basketball, and beer; it also offers other advantages. They consist of diversity, accessibility by foot and other modes of transportation, business prospects, and affordability. However, there are drawbacks as well, like harsh winters, property taxes, violent crime, and traffic. The city’s comparatively low cost of living is one of the things you’ll adore. Moving to Milwaukee can be the best option for you if you’re wanting to reduce prices. Milwaukee Houses for Sale are less expensive than those in major metropolitan centers. The most costly residences are located in Milwaukee’s western region, yet even here they are fairly affordable when compared to other American cities. Every city has a positive aspect, and Milwaukeeans can take pride in a variety of things. Continue reading for weekend activities in Milwaukee.

Harley-Davidson Museum

Along with beer, Milwaukee is well-known for its motorbikes, specifically Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Here in Milwaukee, William S. Harley and the Davidson brothers, Arthur and Walter, established a factory in 1903 to produce their renowned motorbikes. The Harley Davidson Museum is a repository of all things motorcycle-related that guides visitors through the motorcycle’s entire evolution. The museum is a great way to spend some time for visitors of all types, you don’t have to be a die-hard motorbike man to enjoy it.

Miller Brewing Tour

Milwaukee is a city that beer helped to create. Milwaukee formerly produced more beer than any other city in the entire world. Milwaukee, known as “Brew City,” historically served as the headquarters for a number of the country’s top beer manufacturers. The majority of the large, established companies have folded, but Miller Brewing is still based in Milwaukee, and you can visit their expansive beer cellars and drink three different beers for free.

Cheese Head Factory

If there is anything you know about Wisconsin before coming here, it’s undoubtedly our highly distinctive headwear, known as The Cheese Head, that we wear to sporting events. The Green Bay Packers’ home games during the cooler months are the ideal times to sport one of these cheese-themed headpieces, although the Cheesehead was really created in Milwaukee. Visit Foamation Inc. in Milwaukee’s 5th ward to discover where it all began. On a special tour, you may even create your own cheese head while touring the facility.


If you’re an early bird, begin your day by watching the sunrise along the lakeside. This is one of the ideal times to take some fantastic photos of Milwaukee if you enjoy travel photography. Most mornings, the skies above Lake Michigan suddenly transform into a stunning array of delicate pastel hues. The Milwaukee Art Museum’s sweeping lines and the vibrant early dawn are excellent subjects to include in your shot. Though Milwaukee’s top attractions don’t officially open until several hours after sunrise, take the time to get a coffee or breakfast.

Historic Old Third Ward

Spend your afternoon exploring Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward’s many unique and interesting stores. There are a ton of fashionable stores, bars, and eateries in the Third Ward. We advise taking a stroll through the Milwaukee Public Market, stopping for a snack in the middle of the day, and buying a souvenir t-shirt from the MKE Home shop. If you’re there during Summerfest, you must attend at least one free concert. Be sure to check the activities calendar to see if there is a festival taking place at the Summerfest grounds.



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