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How To Find a Good Real Estate Agent


Are you ready to purchase a home either to live in or as a real estate investment? If you’ve saved enough for a down payment and have been approved for a loan, your next step is getting the help of a real estate agent. Finding the right one is crucial to your success. Here are some tips on finding a good real estate agent.

Ask Around

Stefan Soloviev urges prospective real estate buyers to ask everyone they know for recommendations as to a good real estate agent. Asking for referrals is one of the best ways to find the right one for you. Talk to your friends and family and see who they know.

Ask at work or where you worship. Think about the number of people you know and how many others they’re acquainted with. Out of potentially thousands, someone is bound to know and recommend a good real estate agent, so don’t be shy about asking around.

Read Online Reviews

Online reviews are crucial to any business, but they can also help you. They’re a great way to find a good agent. Check online and read what others have said about an agent you’re considering. Were there any negative reviews? What was the reason?

Make Sure the Agent’s Licensed

They must have a certain amount of training and pass a test. Other states require good moral character or no criminal record. Check with the licensing board to see if the agent you’re considering has a license. Also, check to see if any complaints have been registered against that agent.

Interview Your Agent

You don’t have to conduct a formal interview, but you do want to spend time with your agent before entering into an arrangement. Talk on the phone and see if that agent is willing to listen to what you want. Is that person friendly? Do you connect? Your agent is your partner in finding the right place for you, so make sure that the agent is on your team.

Find an Agent on Your Side Only

Don’t let the agent show you a house he’s listed for one of his clients. You want someone on your side only, not representing both you and the buyer.

By doing your homework and asking around, you’ll be able to find a great real estate agent who will find the perfect house for you.



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