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How to Buy a Necklace for That Special Someone This Christmas

Every year, the average American will spend about $942 on Christmas gifts. And as new devices get released, people are spending more and more. But sometimes, the most expensive gifts are not the best.

Many people would rather get a gift from the heart. For example, a necklace! This kind of jewelry is very intimate and thoughtful. So if you want to find the perfect gift for a loved one, keep reading this article to learn how to buy a necklace.

Look at Their Style

Before you begin shopping for anything, first look at your loved ones’ closet.Assess their clothes and shoes into a category. For example, are they always business casual for work?

Or maybe they work from home so they have a more relaxed style? Or maybe they like to leave the house so they have a lot of street-style clothes.

Whatever the case is, ensure you match the necklace to their preferred style. You don’t want to get them anything that they can’t wear because they don’t have anything to match it with!

Look at Their Current Collection

In some cases, a person may prefer to step out of their comfort zone. However, with jewelry, it’s best to stick with what they know. So when they are not home, go take a peek at what they currently own.

Take pictures if you can and try to match their jewelry style when shopping. Some online and in-person boutiques can even help you find the perfect necklace based on their trends.

Know Which Colors Suite Their Skin Tone

When looking at different types of necklaces, try and pick one that enhances your loved ones’ skin tone. For example, if they have a warmer skin tone, a gold necklace or diamond necklace will enhance the olive tones.

However, if they have a lighter skin tone, a silver necklace or pearl necklace will enhance the pink tones. Overall, enhancing the undertones of the skin is the goal. So be sure to take their complexion into consideration.

If you still have more questions on matching skin tones and jewelry, loot at these necklaces for a good example of what to look for.

Measurements Are Important

Buying jewelry can be tricky because you do have to take sizing into consideration. Luckily, buying necklaces is not like buying a ring– you do not need to know a specific size. However, you should try to know their preferred necklace length.

For example, do they prefer wearing long necklaces that sit right below the chest? Or maybe they prefer chokers or mid-length necklaces?

Either way, it’s best to pick a necklace that suites her neckline. And if you’re worried about getting the wrong length, you can always purchase a necklace that is adjustable in length.

Buy a Necklace for a Loved One Today

Now that you know how to buy a necklace, you’ll always have the best gift! But remember to follow all of these tips because they are highly important.

And if you enjoyed this article, check out our blog to read more about holiday gifts and more.



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