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Extra Modifications You May Want On Your Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler has been the staple outdoors vehicle ever since the first model was released in the late 80s. It still maintains that status, and the JK is one of the more popular models that lasted over a decade on the market. If you aren’t planning on upgrading to a Jeep Wrangler JL, then you may want to consider these modifications to your car.


Increase Performance And Get Inline With Modern Eco-Friendly Standards

Because the JK is an older model, the environmental standards that it complied with are different from the requirements set for today’s vehicles., You may want to look for the best exhaust for Jeep JK models that you can afford. Not only will this make your vehicle more inline with modern eco-friendly standards, but it will do wonders in improving the performance of your vehicle as a whole. You can get more fuel economy and better efficiency from your engine by using aftermarket exhaust systems. 


Aesthetics With Functionality: Full Front Bumper

Although the vehicle is quite sturdy as it is, many people prefer to add an extra layer of protection by adding a full front bumper. This not only helps you drive more freely (no worries about bumping into anything) but it can also give you different lighting options. Of course, aesthetically speaking, the car will have a more beefed up look this way too. 


Bigger Tires (And Everything That Goes With It)

If you get yourself bigger wheels, not only does your Wrangler suddenly look better but it will also drive better. Many Jeep JK owners opt for this upgrade to give that monster truck vibe. You’re better off getting them with all-terrain tread so you can enjoy the outdoors anywhere with nothing stopping you. Make sure you also get a lift kit to accommodate those larger-diameter tires, and you may want a new mounting bracket for your spare tire, because the standard one may not be able to handle the added weight. Getting bigger tires is certainly one of the more expensive upgrades, but it’s definitely worth it. Since you’re going all-out, you might as well get yourself side steps to make it easier to get into (and out of) your car as it will be higher off the ground. The steps will also help you if you have a roof rack and want easier access to anything you’ve strapped on top of the roof. 


For A Better View Regardless Of Weather

The standard windscreen wipers that you get can do a fine job when it’s raining. But when you’re out on a trip through nature, there are more elements to consider. Get yourself aftermarket wipers that can handle snow and mud, and even dust or sand. You’ll appreciate the better view that will allow you to maneuver your vehicle much better. 


There are many more modifications and upgrades that you can get on your Jeep Wrangler JK. Opt for these upgrades to get the most of out your vehicle, it will feel like a new car without the need to spend a fortune on getting the latest model.



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