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Events that Will be Happened in Case of Charged for DUI

It’s awful to be accused of driving while inebriated for a number of reasons. Alcohol impairment while driving is a risky and unsafe behavior. There is a high chance that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will have an adverse effect on both you and other drivers. If you are ever stopped for driving while intoxicated, there are a few things you should be aware of beforehand to make the process easier. Here are some points you should be aware of if you are stopped for drunk driving.


You should always give the officer your full cooperation if you are ever pulled over on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. Even if you believe that your level of intoxication prevents you from following the officer’s instructions, you should try. No matter what the situation, it would be ideal if you never got into a fight with a law enforcement officer. You need to be informed of the possible repercussions of refusing to consent in a legal procedure.

Your Vehicle will be Towed and Seized

You will be charged with driving while intoxicated or under the influence of narcotics if you are stopped and driven to the station in a patrol car. It is very likely that your car will be towed, and you will be responsible for the towing fee. Your vehicle will be released from impoundment after you receive information on the towing company and instructions on how to contact them. To get your vehicle released and to pay the storage fees, get in touch with the towing company that is in charge of keeping it in storage as soon as you can.

You’ll be Questioned and have Forensics Done

You could not receive assistance and attention for several hours after you arrive at the police station. If this is your first offence, the process will take longer. A police officer will take your photo and obtain your fingerprints as part of the application process. You can be questioned by a police officer or an investigator about the series of incidents that resulted in your DUI arrest. If you believe that you have been falsely accused, you are entitled to a free legal consultation with DUI arrest lawyer Nashua NH.

Be Prepared to Stay at the Station for a few Hours

After being stopped for driving while drunk, the length of time you must wait in the police station will depend on a number of things, including the arrest location, the offender’s age, criminal history, and level of intoxication, as well as other considerations.

Let’s say it’s established that you qualify for a bail release. You will be given information on how to contact a bondsman, a friend, or a family member to make plans for the payment of the money and your transportation from the police station to your home in such situation. If you are found guilty of a specific crime, you might be jailed right away. However, it would be ideal if you were ready to spend at least a few hours in the station while you are being examined and the intricacies of your DUI charge are worked out.

You Might be Called to Testify in Court

The majority of cases involving drunk driving are resolved in court, where the offender is obliged to come before a judge and speak with the judge. You may select your own legal representation in this matter, or the court may choose to do so. While the case is being heard in court, keep your cool and behave properly. It is inappropriate to lie when the truth is being sought. The judge may issue a warrant for your arrest and order that you be taken into custody if you are due to appear in court but fail to do so.

You might be Sentenced

People who are found guilty of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated frequently receive sentences that include community service or court referrals as part of their penalty. The court can verify that the conditions of your sentencing have been satisfied if you successfully complete one of these programs in the quickest period possible. You are obligated to pay any fines you may owe as soon as you can.


Your life can be permanently altered if you are found guilty of driving while intoxicated. If this happens, take comfort in the fact that you were caught before you caused or were a part of a serious accident. If handled properly, an arrest for driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or alcohol may serve as a valuable learning experience.



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