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Does Home Insurance Cover HVAC Repair

Before searching for “HVAC repair near me,” you should check whether your home insurance covers the specific service you are seeking. Home insurance coverage usually includes HVAC repairs, but each policy is unique. Some services may not be part of the coverage. Most policies don’t cover damages stemming from the owner’s negligence, cosmetic damages, old age, or acceptable wear and tear. 

What HVAC Repairs Does Home Insurance Cover?

Typical home insurance policies cover HVAC repairs for damages and perils included in the coverage. If the risk isn’t part of your policy, the coverage may not cover the repairs. You should review the insurance policy before hiring HVAC professionals and determine whether the company accepts insurance. Here are three HVAC repairs covered under standard home insurance policies:

1.    Fire and Water Damage

Most home insurance policies cover HVAC repairs if the damage results from unexpected fire damages. If a fire burns or damages your system, the policy will pay for the repairs or will supply a new HVAC unit. The policy will also cover repairs stemming from burst pipes and water damage. Water damages resulting from a flood are not covered by standard home insurance. You’ll need a different policy from a private insurer. 

2.    Theft and Vandalism

Burglars and criminals may vandalize and damage or steal your HVAC unit. Vandalism and theft are part of most home insurance policies. The coverage will pay for repairs and replacements following a criminal act. Call the police immediately after you find out about the criminal act. Then, call your insurance provider next and attach a copy of the police report. You must also have adequate security features to protect your home from burglars.

3.    Weather-Related Damages

Storm, hail, and lightning damage are common perils covered under home insurance policies. If lightning causes fire damage to your HVAC unit, the policy will likely pay for repairs and replacements. Hailstones can also damage the central AC. Your home coverage may cover replacements and repairs, but some policies exclude hail damages. If that’s the case, personal property insurance can protect your AC but won’t include window units.

4.    Other Covered Damages

Home insurance policies cover other HVAC damages, including power surges, theft, and fallen objects. If a tree falls and damages your HVAC system unit, the policy might pay for the cost of repairs and replacements. You should review the policy to determine all covered perils. A home insurance policy will only pay for specific risks and damages listed under the coverage.

What HVAC Repairs Does Home Insurance NOT Cover?

Standard home insurance policies cover sudden unexpected events and damages. Most policies also feature exclusions, so not every unexpected event is part of the coverage. You can check out the list of exclusions to find additional policies to cover such risks.

Here are three causes for HVAC repairs that home insurance policies won’t pay for:

1.    Poor Maintenance 

Home insurance policies won’t pay for damages stemming from poor maintenance. You should schedule timely repairs and servicing as required by the manufacturer. If you fail to clean the debris that clogs your unit, your insurance won’t cover damages arising from such neglect. You must also hire the right professional to take care of maintenance and repairs. The insurance will refuse to pay for any work done by non-professionals.

2.    Old Age Malfunctions

Expected wear and tear resulting and old age malfunctions are typically left out of most home insurance policies. According to consumer reports, HVAC units have an average lifespan of 15 years. If you have a 20-year-old system, the insurance provider won’t cover the cost of repair or replacement if the system malfunctions.

Some policies may pay for damage stemming from fires, water damage, and other covered perils, but not old-age breakdowns. 

3.    Exclusions & Cosmetic Damages

Superficial exterior damages are considered cosmetic. These damages are not covered by standard home insurance policies. You should perform frequent tune-ups and check-ups to keep your system operating properly. Most insurance providers also exclude specific events like earthquakes, floods, and wildfires. Each policy has exclusions, so you should review the list of what’s not covered before requesting a claims form.

The Best HVAC Repair Near Me

Home insurance claims for HVAC repairs come after the incident and service. When claiming your insurance, follow the recommended protocol and inform your carrier well in advance. You should also find reputable HVAC companies to perform the repair. A simple solution is to search for “HVAC repair near me” on your browser and compare leading providers in your area. Insurance companies won’t cover your damages if you call anyone other than a licensed professional.



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