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Now that the Covid pandemic has loosened its grip on international travel, further restraints are being piled on by the rising fuel costs and the frightening increases in the cost of living. Add to these regular reports of strike action by transport workers, and the overall unpredictability of being stranded in airports or foreign hotels  to move far from home is playing on people’s anxieties. Many families are once again deciding to have a staycation.

But a staycation does not necessarily mean sitting in your own home and staring at the same four walls for six weeks. A little bit of creative thinking can throw up a myriad of looking for different and more creative ways to entertain your family and have a holiday, without having to pay vast amounts of money. We have put together a few ideas which we hope will give you inspiration to create your own summer schedule.

Explore unexplored corners of your own neighbourhood

Have you ever actually visited the museums and attractions advertised in your own home? Too often we get caught up in the general ‘busyness’ of living, and forget the delights that are on our own doorstep. Put yourself in the position of someone who has never before been to your home town. If you were show yourself the delights of where you live, where would you go? What hidden corners would you unearth? What unexplored roads and pathways you would discover?

Rediscovering your home territory will throw up some delights that you previously never even knew existed. Is there a particular footpath, or village that you kept meaning to take a trip to, but never quite got round to it? Well now is your chance.

Take an historical tour 

Educational and informative, history brought to life has a way of deepening your appreciation of your surroundings. Whether you go for something more high brow like a Westminster Abbey Tour, or stick to a venue which offers some local colour, you will come away from the tour with more understanding than when you went into it.

Build an obstacle course

This is something that ALL the family can get involved in – and it will generate a bit of competitive spirit as well. Creating an obstacle course in your garden, or the park, using a random selection of items that can be found in and around your home  is half the fun. Every family member should be responsible for at least one or two of the obstacles (yes, even the littlest), resulting in an often hilarious concoction of challenges for all the family.

Once set up, the fun really starts. Organise heats so that everyone has to compete against everyone else, then start the process of elimination. The adults, naturally, need to have a good handicap to even up the opportunities?

Before you know it, a whole day spent in the fresh air has gone by, and the kids are so exhausted they fall into bed.

Visit your local library

Enjoy reading? What better place then than your local library to while away an hour or two of a morning. Make it a family affair, and encourage everyone to take out at least two books, which all need to be read before the following week. Pick one day a week which is your library day. Combine it with a nice breakfast somewhere, or a picnic. Creating a routine away from screens will help you family to de-stress after the demands of a year at school.

Do a family sleepover

There’s something quite exciting about all bunking down in one room with a pile of sleeping bags, pillows and midnight snacks. Sleepovers don’t have to be just for the kids – mum and dad can join in too. (There’s no travelling involved, and you know the loos are clean!



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