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CPU: A Common Abbreviation and Its Many Different Meanings


CPU was quite commonly used before modern and compact laptops, and tablets came into existence. However, even today, there are a lot of desktop users who would be aware of the word CPU. CPU full form in computers is Central Processing Unit, and it is the commonly accepted term to describe the processing unit of a computer. The central processing unit consists of the motherboard and other circuitry that processes the information input and executes various designated tasks.

However, did you know that there are several other CPU full forms? The abbreviated term CPU can be used to describe several other processes and objects other than just the Central Processing Unit. And if you find CPU in different contexts other than the computer field, it can get a bit confusing. However, we will not let you be confused over these abbreviations.

To help you out with it, today we’re going to take you through everything you need to know about the abbreviation CPU. So, without further delay let’s just get to it.

History Of CPU

The abbreviation CPU gained popularity with the arrival of modern computers. However, the earliest computers did not have a CPU. They had to be physically rewired to execute instructions and that’s why there were known as fixed program computers. Later, the idea of stored-program computers came into the picture, where the programs are stored in a hi-speed computer memory. These stored-program systems of the late 1940s can be considered as the first CPUs. This revolutionary computing and processing system rapidly gained popularity, and various types of CPUs were invented in the following years.

However, for the general public, CPUs became familiar only in the 1990s with the arrival of desktop computers. Now the importance of CPUs and their role in computers were widely discussed among the general population, as computers made their way to homes around the world.

General Meanings Of CPU

CPU can be used as an abbreviation for a wide range of things. Here are some of the common meanings for CPU apart from Central Processing Unit.

    • Critical Patch Update
    • Claims Processing Unit
    • Cost Per Unit
    • Computer Parts USA
    • Conical Patch Update
    • Corel Power User
    • Computer Power User
    • Comprehensive Plan Update
    • Call Pick Up
    • Customer Pick-Up
    • Computer Processor Unit
    • Corporate Policy Unit
    • Corporate Procurement Unit
    • Certified Practice in Usability
    • Cash Pick Up
    • Communications Processor Unit
    • Contribution Per Unit
    • Condensate Polishing Unit
    • Caption Projection Unit
    • Competition Promotion Unit
    • Cost Per Utility

As you can see, there are several common usages of CPU in different fields like the corporate sector, finance, customer service, etc.

Medicine and Science

In the field of medicine and science, the two most important meanings of CPU are,

    • Clinical Pharmacokinetic Unit: The Clinical Pharmacokinetic Unit studies the movement of drugs within the body and how organisms affect the drugs.
    • Chest-Pain Observation Unit: As the name suggests, this medical unit observes the various causes and stages of chest pain.

Defense and Security

In the defense, security, and protection sector, the term CPU is widely used to describe,

    • Crime Prevention Unit: This special unit analyses crime trends and develops unique strategies for crime prevention.
    • Chemical Protection Unit: This unit is responsible for the protection measures required at chemically hazardous locations.
    • Chemical Protective Undergarments: Chemical protective undergarments are a part of the protective gear worn by professionals who deal with hazardous radioactive elements.
    • Collective Protection Unit: The collective protection unit consists of safety specialists who are responsible for the collective protection of a group of people or workers.

Organizations Around The World

Several organizations’ names are abbreviated as CPU. So, if you find the word CPU next to the name of an organization, it probably is not the Central Processing Unit.

Here are some popular organizations’ names that are abbreviated as CPU.

  • Columbia Pacific University
  • Conférence des Présidentsd’Université
  • Central Policy Unit
  • Commonwealth Press Union
  • Caribbean Postal Union
  • Central Philippine University
  • Contract postal unit
  • Clark Public Utilities
  • Communist Party of Ukraine
  • Computer Professionals’ Union
  • Central Police University
  • China Pharmaceutical University

These are the various organizations around the world that frequently use the abbreviation CPU for their names in official documents. There can be several other universities, units, and unions with the same abbreviation.


And that brings us to the end of this discussion on one of the most common abbreviations, CPU. As evident from the above writeup, there are simply plenty of different CPUs, even though the most commonly known one is the Central Processing Unit. Therefore, we advise you that you must not rush to a conclusion that CPU only means CPU full form in computer. If the document you are reading is not related to computers, then the abbreviation CPU can have any of the above meanings.

Therefore, always check carefully whether you understand the right CPU full form.




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