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Car Shipping Or Driving: A Costs Calculator Helps Decide

You have a car that you need moved somewhere, but you can’t decide whether you should drive it or ship it? Well, a lot of factors can play into that decision, and it is no wonder that you are on the fence. It’s certainly not something that it is easily decided.

As mentioned, a lot of factors play a role in this decision. The prices are definitely high on the list. In other words, you want to know how much each of these options would cost you, so as to be able to determine which one you want to use. Of course, you should never consider the prices alone, since your own safety should come first, and time plays a crucial role as well, because you have a life to live and spending a lot of time driving may not be a very convenient part of it.

In any case, it is clear that you have to consider all of the factors in conjunction. Today, however, we are going to be dealing only with the financial aspect of this decision. In different words, we are going to help you decide what the better solution is from the financial point of view.

I can’t tell you the precise numbers, though, given that the costs of both driving and shipping will depend on numerous important factors. What I can do, though, is tell you about the things you have to do so as to be able to ultimately make this decision. There are logical steps to take before deciding, and those are going to be in our focus for the day.

First, Work Out the Costs of the Road Trip

Do you have a road trip budget yet? If not, then you should undeniably make one, if you’re planning on driving. Expecting that you won’t need a lot of money here is wrong. Staying safe and turning the trip into a pleasant one, instead of an ordeal, definitely requires money, so planning the budget is a must.

This can help you do it:

So as to plan the budget, you will have to work out the costs of the actual road trip. How do you do that? By considering the different things that you will need to pay for in the process. There is gas, for one thing, and the distance you will need to cover will dictate how much gas you will need and how many times you may need to refill it.

Gas is not the only thing you’ll need to pay for here, though. Driving without ever stopping to rest is definitely impossible. You need to rest and you need to sleep, meaning that you’ll also have to pay for accommodation.

You will also have to eat. That may not seem like a big cost when you think about it from a distance, but when you start considering it more carefully, you’ll realize that you may have to spend a lot on food during the road trip, depending on its length, of course. So, don’t forget to factor this in.

The road can be unpredictable, meaning that there could be some problems with your vehicle along the way. You may wind up needing certain repairs, which will add to the overall costs. While you can’t predict the costs of possible repairs and put them on paper, what you can do is set aside a certain amount of money to use in case of such emergencies.

Then, Use a Calculator to Check the Shipping Costs

Having done your best to calculate the road trip costs, you will now have to do the same for the shipping costs. The great thing is that you’ll be able to do this much more easily, given that you can use a good car shipping cost calculator to your advantage. Factors such as the fees, the distance, the auto type, the carrier type, as well as the dates, will all impact those costs, so you will only be able to get clear numbers when you use these tools to help you. You will just have to fill in all the important fields and let the calculator do the rest of the work and give you the numbers.

So, Should You Ship or Should You Drive?

So, what’s the verdict here? Should you ship, or should you drive? This is a decision that only you will be able to make for yourself, but here is what you should know. When you work out all the costs associated with both of these options, you will probably realize that shipping can be a more cost-effective solution, given that you won’t be paying for gas and those other things I’ve mentioned above. On top of that, both you and your automobile will be much safer when you ship it, which is definitely something to keep in mind when making this decision.



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