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Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas For Your Loved Ones By Age

When it comes to planning birthday parties, cakes are always on top of the list! The cake cutting and feeding hour are among the most-awaited moments on such occasions. There is a wide variety of cake options to express love and best wishes to the birthday girl or boy. There is something for everyone with different age groups, gender, and personality. Online bakery stores are the right stop for all sorts of cake surprises. We share amazing birthday cake ideas for your loved ones by age. Take a look.


First things first!

Birthday party celebrations vary from large to small gatherings! You must find a cake design that resonates with the recipient while accommodating friends and family. So, you must consider picking cake flavours that everyone at the party will love. Some of the best flavours you will never go wrong with include chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, black forest, and fruit cakes. Choose the ideal cake sizes depending on the number of guests you expect.


Infants (0-1)

Make lasting impressions on your baby’s first birthday milestone with a smashing birthday cakes. The most popular first birthday cake ideas include a number, alphabet, photo roll, gigantic cupcake cake, and castle cake. Since you’re exposing your baby to the world of cakes, you don’t want to give them a sugar rush on their first attempt. Keep the cake lively with vibrant colours! You can incorporate multi-coloured sprinkles and fondant with rainbow colours.


Toddler (2-4)

Studies have shown that much of the learning process is covered in the early years. So, make your little one’s birthday celebration a gem with cake options like jungle-theme and character cakes like cartoon cakes. To make the celebration fun and strengthen your connection with your child, you can ask them what they wish for their birthday.


Child (5 – 12)

From the ages of 5 to 12, kids will be able to identify their favourites. Knowing what cake flavours and designs they would like won’t be an issue since they always look up to you for any gifting. Is she a fan of Peppa Pig, Barbie, or a budding fashionista? Is he head over heels for cars, bikes, or SuperHeroes? Surprise your little ones with designer cakes that imitate their favourite characters and hobbies.


Teens (13 – 19)

Are you finding it challenging to choose the perfect cake for your picky teen kids? It is essential always to consider things that resonate with your budding superstars. So, don’t spoil the fun by repeating the same cake surprise! Take the surprise a step further by presenting your kid with a pinata/hidden cake, bomb cakes, and designer cakes (with decoration options like a gym kit and makeup accessories).


Adults (20 – 39)

Are you looking for a birthday cake for your near and dear ones in the group 20 to 39? Is she/he at university or working in Mumbai? Does the person stay alone or with friends? There are lots of options to make the moment cherishable! You can surprise them with a half cake, assorted cupcakes (in the shape of the age or name), and jar cakes.


Middle-age adults (40 – 59)

Have a hard time choosing the perfect birthday cake for your loved ones in the age group 40 to 59? Pick their favourite cake flavours! Customise it with their favourite hobbies or career. The most loved cakes you will never go wrong with include chocolate mango, heart-shaped, and cakes with a message. Make the cake surprise fun and be the first one to wish them a “Happy Birthday” with a midnight cake delivery.


Grandparents (60 and above)

Express love and best wishes to your grandmom or dad with a heart-melting birthday cake they will appreciate. There are many cake designs that you can incorporate to the surprise, like numbers, figurines, and photos. Take the surprise a step further with fresh fruits and quirky decorations. Check out trending cake ideas for grandparents on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Avail timely delivery

Now that you know amazing birthday cake ideas for your near and dear ones by age! Staying miles away from Mumbai, you cannot join them on their womb escape celebrations? Fret no more with bakery stores offering on-time cake delivery in Mumbai. Search for the leading outlets offering cakes at the best prices in town for all occasions!




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