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Best V-Neck Colors For Fall 2022

We still have some time left until the fall, but it’s never too early to start planning your seasonal wardrobe. The early fall is one of the best times of the year when the weather is still warm yet not too hot, and we can still enjoy precious time outside.

One of the fall fashion staples is a V-neck that can be worn on warm days and as a canvas or layering when it cools down. To make this tee more seasonally appropriate, choose earthy tones and subdued colors and if you’re not sure what those are, keep reading!

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One of the best V-neck colors for the fall is burgundy (yes, like the wine!). It’s deep, rich, and makes a statement wherever you go.

It’s also pretty easy to style. You can opt for the classic fall palette and wear your burgundy V-neck tee with brown checkered pants, a grey blazer, or simple black jeans.

But this color also allows you to be playful and experiment a little. And for the days when you’d like more color and brightness, pair burgundy with orange-yellow, mustard, or tea green.

You can elevate your look by wearing your tee under a navy blue suit and paired with classic Oxford shoes.

Navy blue 

Navy blue is probably one of the most popular colors among guys, and it’s no wonder! It’s timeless, elegant, and looks great on everyone.

Getting a navy blue V-neck will help you create multiple different outfits, from casual leisure looks with jeans or cargo pants to work uniforms with chinos and a blazer.

It’s hard to make a mistake when styling this color as it’s like a cousin to black and grey.

Olive green (military)

Another fall color you should consider is olive green or otherwise known as military. It looks excellent paired with denim and can become your go-to for weekend getaways to nature or soaking up the September sun in the park.

Make sure you always get the best quality V-necks like the ones from Fresh Clean Tees, so you don’t need to worry about keeping them in shape and looking stylish. Check them out here:

Besides denim, olive green works well with brown, camel, and beige.

Mustard yellow 

While yellow is often associated with spring and summer, mustard yellow is a toned-down, earthier version of the color.

A mustard yellow V-neck will look great under a plaid or grey blazer paired with brown, navy, or grey trousers (wool or chinos).

This shade brings some light and joy on darker fall days and will express your happiness on sunny ones!

Mustard yellow also pairs well with burgundy, maroon, and olive green.

Emerald green

One of the ways to stand out in the fall is with emerald green. It is not a very common shade for V-necks, but we believe it’s beautiful, calming, and works well for most leisurely occasions.

Pair it with blue denim, navy chinos, or even grey tailored sweats, and you’re covered for pretty much anything.

We recommend a lined denim jacket, a bomber jacket, or a puffer vest for chillier days.

Black or charcoal

Okay, so black is not something new or revolutionary, but we believe every guy should have a black V-neck in his arsenal for the fall.

Black goes with everything, so you can wear this tee for all occasions, from weekends in nature to office meetings to swapping your button-down shirts for smart-casual events.

If you don’t like black, consider charcoal which is a blend of gray and black. This color has been trending for a while now, and we love it as a black substitute.



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