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Barbara Walters Daughter net Worth

Barbara Walters daughter net worth is said to be around 170million dollars,as being the only daughter of legendary broadcast journalist, Jacqueline Walters Danforth inherited quite a legacy upon her famous mother’s passing. From valuable art to luxury homes, the Walters family vault holds treasures that many can only dream of. Come along as we take a peek inside and see what Jacobi Walters received from her iconic mom.

An Unparalleled Career

Barbara Walters made history during her storied career. As the first female co-anchor on network evening news, she trailblazed a path for women in broadcasting. Her fame only grew thanks to her popular TV specials and her revolutionary daytime chat show, The View. When Walters retired in 2014, she left an unparalleled legacy few can match.

Barbara Walters was a true pioneer for women in the media industry. In 1976, she became the first female co-host of NBC’s evening news program The Today Show. This groundbreaking role paved the way for more women to take on prominent roles in journalism. Walters then broke barriers again in 1997 when she co-created the daytime talk show The View – a forum led by women discussing hot topic issues.

Love of Artwork

An avid art collector and patron, Barbara Walters filled her homes with valuable paintings and sculptures. Her collection boasted works by famous artists like Henry Moore, Paul Gauguin, and Marc Chagall. Walters even owned Andy Warhol’s iconic portrait of her, appraised at $800,000. There’s little doubt her daughter inherited these and other priceless pieces.

Among her wide-ranging art collection, Walters owned several valuable impressionist paintings. This included pieces by famed artists Claude Monet and Edgar Degas. She also possessed work by post-impressionist pioneer Paul Gauguin. His Tahitian landscape Vairumati (Never Again) was likely in Walters’ extensive collection. Additionally, Walters paid $195,000 for Henry Moore’s Three Seated Figures sculpture in 1980. With works from some of art history’s most renowned creators, her only daughter Jacqueline gained truly exceptional fine art.

Luxurious Residences

In her later years, the veteran journalist lived primarily in a lavish apartment along New York City’s Fifth Avenue, which offered stunning views of Central Park. She also owned a sprawling mansion in sunny Miami, Florida. With homes worth millions, Walters’ only heir likely gained exclusive properties most can only fantasize about.

Walters’ main residence in New York City was a spacious 4,300 square foot apartment located at 30 East 70th Street, just off Central Park. With floor to ceiling windows providing epic views and an interior adorned with marble and wood finishes, the abode oozed luxury.

The exclusive co-op building has been home to numerous celebrities over the years as well. This coveted property allowing Jacqueline Walters Danforth to follow in her iconic mother’s footsteps as an NYC resident.

Generational Wealth

As the daughter of an entertainment icon, Jacqueline grew up surrounded by privilege. She attended prestigious schools before earning her master’s degree in social work from New York University. Along the way, her famous mother helped fund her education and passions. That generational wealth and stability undoubtedly continued with Walters’ passing.

Jacqueline Walters Danforth grew up in a wealthy household headed by one of television’s most famous personalities. Though she led a private life outside the spotlight, she still enjoyed the perks of being Barbara Walters’ daughter.

That included attending the exclusive Birch Wathen private school in Manhattan for her primary education. This elite institution carried an annual high school tuition topping $50,000 in today’s dollars.

Behind the Camera

Though comfortable in front of cameras thanks to her famous family, Jacqueline has always preferred to live outside the spotlight. She focuses on raising her daughter and working as a social worker. While undoubtedly proud of her iconic mother’s legacy, Jacqueline seems to have inherited Barbara’s drive to make her own path.

Unlike her famous mom, Jacqueline Walters Danforth decided to steer clear of the television industry. She opted instead to become a social worker and focus on raising a family outside the media spotlight. Though her mother Barbara was an absolute trailblazer on camera, Jacqueline was always happy standing behind it instead.

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A Private Person

Extremely close to her beloved mother in life, Jacqueline closely guarded her privacy following Walters’ death. She gave no public statements in the days after Barbara’s passing nor since. A very private person, Walter’s only daughter won’t reveal any details on what she may have inherited. That will likely remain locked away alongside other family secrets.

Even as the sole heir to Barbara Walters’ monumental legacy, Jacqueline Walters Danforth fiercely protects her privacy. In the days and weeks following her mother’s death on April 1, 2022, Jacqueline maintained media silence granting no statements or interviews. This restraint contrasted the very public 24-hour memorial held for the broadcasting great at ABC News’ New York City headquarters.

The View’s Future

As co-creator and co-owner of The View, Barbara Walters ensured the show would outlive her. After her 2014 retirement, she passed her ownership stake to her daughter, keeping it in the family. The gabfest remains popular today, making it a valuable asset Jacqueline now controls and profits from as her mother once did.

The View first aired back in 1997 with Barbara Walters serving as co-creator and co-host of the bold new talk show format. The weekday gabfest featured Walters alongside other women discussing current events, pop culture and their personal opinions. During an era when daytime television mainly entertained housewives, The View provided an innovative alternative.

Preserving a Legacy

Jacqueline serves on the board of the Barbara Walters Foundation, dedicated to supporting charities like women’s heart health. She also oversees her late mother’s legacy, likely controlling future use of her name, image and work. It’s a role Walters entrusted her daughter with, knowing she would preserve her groundbreaking legacy respectfully.

In her final years, Walters thoughtfully prepared for her legacy’s preservation following her passing. This includes founding the Barbara Walters Foundation in 2010 as a charitable group funding female focused causes close to her heart. As a two-time breast cancer survivor, supporting women’s health initiatives was an obvious choice. Jacqueline now serves on this foundation’s board continuing her mother’s tradition of giving back.

A Lifetime Bond

Losing a parent is always hard, but it was surely especially difficult for Jacqueline after spending a lifetime closely bonded with her pioneering mother. Though their relationship largely stayed out of the headlines, the love and admiration they had for one another was clear. That special connection remains alive through Walter’s legacy.

Despite leading very separate lives in the spotlight versus out of it, Barbara Walters and Jacqueline shared an evidently devoted mother-daughter relationship. Though private overall, the pair were occasionally photographed together at celebrity events when Jacqueline accompanied her famous mom. Images showed them smiling, laughing and connected — Walters the beaming proud parent and Jacqueline the doting daughter by her side.

Carrying Her Memory

Barbara Walters not only passed down possessions to her only daughter, she gifted Jacqueline priceless memories. As the daughter of an extraordinary woman who fearlessly blazed trails, Jacqueline carries her mother’s inspirational spirit while treasuring recollections of their cherished time together that no one can take away.

While rummaging through her mother’s precious belongings, soon Jacqueline surely stumbled on nostalgic mementos reviving sweet memories of time spent with her remarkable mom. Maybe she grasped one of Barbara’s glittering diamond bracelets that sparked conversations of days gone by.

Or perhaps she encountered books inscribed lovingly to “my darling daughter” in her elegant cursive hand. Each keepsake tells treasured stories spanning generations now solely left for Jacqueline to share someday with her only daughter Brooke.

Even without tangible triggers, Barbara Walters’ vivacious verve lived on through Jacqueline and young Brooke. Her courage breaking barriers inspired their own pursuits. Her warmth and empathy guided their relationships.

And Jacqueline’s memories of joyful days together, little inside jokes, and her mother’s sage advice will never fade even as her notable name someday might. In that way, Barbara’s spirit is eternal.

The True Measure of Wealth

As the sole surviving heir to Barbara Walters’ empire, Jacqueline’s net worth skyrocketed overnight. With ownership of her mother’s lucrative media ventures plus inheritance of luxury homes and dazzling jewels, Jacqueline’s already sizeable wealth expanded enormously. Still, the true treasures she inherited extend far deeper than material goods or valued assets.

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Barbara Walters falls on a short list of celebrity icons whose stars shined brightly across society for over half a century. Generations around the globe instantly recognize her name and reputation for journalistic excellence. As Walters’ only living successor, her daughter Jacqueline now shoulders trusteeship of this hefty heritage covering over 50 prolific years on international airwaves.

The True Gift of Family

As her mother’s sole surviving heir, Jacqueline inherited Barbara’s entire estate from assets to artifacts when she passed in 2022 at age 92. This multi-million-dollar fortune includes properties, investments, jewelry and art adding to Jacqueline’s already substantial personal wealth.

But for all her fans, fame and fortune Barbara Walters’ most cherished production was always her only daughter. Jacqueline gained not only material riches from her mom but also lifelong love along with lessons on grace, loyalty and perseverance against adversity.

This bond only intensified as Walters’ aged with Jacqueline ensuring frequent visits and daily check-in calls. In the sunset of her life with career accomplishments ensured, Barbara Walters’ family became her most important priority. That gift of dedication, far exceeding any monetary value, now lives on through devoted daughter Jacqueline just as her legendary mother hoped.

In Closing

The full extent of Jacqueline Walters Danforth’s inheritance may never be known due to her intensely private personality. But one thing is certain: Barbara Walters left an incredible fortune and legacy to her only daughter. The treasures she inherited, both monetary and sentimental, connect Jacqueline forever to her pioneering mother’s memory.



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