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Are Australian payscales not sufficient to make ends meet?

It’s not at all true that the wage rates don’t allow living at ease in Australia.


Excellent salary scales

There are excellent salaries for so many profiles here including that of accountants. For all the profiles of “accountants”, the salaries are as different as, 60,000 AUD per year in Victoria in Australia for an entry-level professional and more for, Senior Accountants (102,000 AUD).

In fact, the earnings per week which can accrue to someone who is working in the financial sector here are, 1,890 AUD for every week.

There are also excellent salary levels for IT Engineers working here. There are enviable salary scales for software engineer here. A graduate engineer here who has just passed from the college can get as much as 65,000 AUD here. The salary scales are even much better for senior software engineers here which are between 92,000 to as high as 1,00,000 AUD for every year.


No rise in inflation in this country from 2003

Apart from that, there has not been much increase in the costs of living in this country if inflation is taken into account. The average income of a household has enhanced by 5-6% whereas the kind of increase in inflation has not been much at 2-3%. So, if adjusted for inflation, the average household incomes are actually growing. This research has been published in the research done by NATSEM by compiling the data from the years 2003 to the year 2009-2010.

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The country also has aged pension benefits for those who don’t earn much through the superannuation benefits. This is a great benefit keeping in mind how many medical costs are incurred in the old age. So, that’s why Australia is an option for a comfortable living because the government provides pensions here.

There are also other advantages of residing in Australia:

The candidates get payments once they have lost their job. But this payment is only available to those who have a minimum age of 22 years.

Child support payments available

Parenting payment: The government here also makes payments for someone to take care of their children. You can get such child support payments once your child is born and till the time he/she turns 6 if you are married or 8 once you are not married. You are eligible to get such child support payments, once you have been residing in Australia for a duration of 104 weeks on a Permanent residency visa.  The candidate should know, that such child support payments are only made to you once your child is born.

However, partial payments under this scheme are available to those, who have the income lower than $2,124.60 AUD for every two weeks, being a single parent. So, with this much income, you become appropriate to get child support payments.

To get complete payments for the child support of one child, your highest income must be, at $188.60 for every two weeks as a single parent.

So, these are some of the many reasons why Australia is getting a huge favoritism from immigrants.



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