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A complete guide to bras and their types

Do you know that 64% of ladies are wearing the wrong bra? Amusingly, 24% know that they are wearing the wrong size. No wonder the first thing we do after we reach home is to remove the bra. Finding a method for this craziness is mandatory before it affects all of us. Start with professional fitting, understand the different types of bras and invest in the bra that is perfect for you so that it takes care of all your bra woes.

Would you believe it if we said that there are 30 different types of bras? Understanding your right size and complementing your body type is another. Our body structure might be the same, but each one of us is different, so it is crucial to be fully aware of our body and what it needs.
Let’s get to know different types of bras meeting the needs of various body types.


  • T-shirt Bra: People often confuse themselves that a t-shirt bra is a padded bra. T-shirt bras come with molded protection or sometimes with an underwire but are not necessarily padded. They add rigidness depending on your bust size to give a minimalized look. The underwire offers full coverage, which keeps you from the panic of double boob or pops out. The specialist always suggests a professional bra fitting at least once to avoid that.
  • Sports Bra: Choosing the correct sports bra has no spell-working formula. Simply put, it is a deal-breaker and can make your workout as comfortable or uncomfortable as your bra is. So it is important to pay attention to the basics – straps, cups, and the band. It needs to be cozy and surrounded, and it should not result in the suffocation of your breasts or a union. A few tips – run your finger along the band between your breasts and make sure you can pull out an inch from your chest. The frontal straps should be as stretchy as possible for better motion control. Choose a bra based on your activity, e.g. yoga, jogging, etc. A high-impact one is needed for exercises like aerobics, Pilates, and Zumba.
  • Push-up Bra: This is based on an easy procedure of adding lift and volume to the breasts so that they are balanced, closer, and fuller. It is a myth that women with larger breasts cannot wear push-up bras is untrue because it is way more than just making them look fuller. They are available in various sizes from A to E and come in many designs. Majorly, all the push-up bras are underwired, and make sure to choose a comfortable one where the wire doesn’t bother you and fits perfectly at the end of your bust line.
  • Padded Bra: A padded bra has been a champion for multiple reasons. It gives a fuller look for ladies with smaller boobs, and in winter, it gives you complete nipple coverage and a complete look. Some ladies don’t prefer padded bras because it makes their boobs look double their size. The main reason for this could be the wrong size or design. Another variety available in padded bras is soft padded bras, which are super soft and comfortable. Semi-padded bras are also available for dresses that have a plunging neckline. A demi bra is a good option for women with petite frames.
  • Strapless Bra: Wearing a strapless bra is a disaster until you have your first professional fitting. It is a real favor if you get your basics right. However, always thrusting with your bra is a real put-off. You need to go one step smaller because the bank is like one army holding it together and providing support to your chest. Your dress needs to be slightly looser from the chest and tighter from the waist.
  • Lace Bra : Lace is luxurious, and it feels special to wear the fabric on your body, especially if it’s lingerie. There is a multitude of options available to choose from. Check with the sales manager at the store or any professional if you have any questions about finding these unless you prefer pointy nipples. All the more, the lace fabric is used as an add-on layer in daily intimates like padded bras and push-ups. Etc.
  • Halter Bra:As the name rightly suggests, they go seamlessly with all your tanks, tubes, or strapless dresses. Most convertibles give you a choice of transparent strap, cross-over back, or halter neck; concealment of those straps is very easy.
  • Stick on Bra:Whenever you are shopping for dresses, the first question that comes to your mind is what kind of bra will be required for this dress. The shapes, pullovers, and necklines are so fancy that nothing seems to be a match. That’s exactly when a stick-on bra comes into the picture. These silicon pads have an adhesive that sticks to your body and is intact. It just gives sufficient nipple coverage. It’s different from your regular bras.
  • Bandeau Bra: A bandeau is pretty much similar to the tube tops. They are worn on the head and have no hooks to seal them. And that’s what makes it comfortable. The support is purely taken from your breasts and shoulders. They are available in plain and rich materials like lace, satin, etc.
  • Racerback Bra : This is pretty self-explanatory. The strap hovers around the collarbone and not the arm, unlike regular bras. These bras bridge a huge gap between t-shirts, dresses, tanks, and tops that have racer-back necklines. The padded racer back bras are very comfortable and convenient during intense workouts.
  • Bralette: A bralette is the next best thing. The buzz around it is worth it. It is non-wired, non-padded, and non-structured. It is so relaxing in real terms. The variety of designs available in this segment is unbelievable, and you will never feel like you are wearing innerwear.


As you are ready to hit the market, you will know that a bra is exclusively made for you. All you have to do is know your correct size and choose from the options available based on your need. Wish you a Happy Bra Shopping!



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