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5 Reasons Why You Need a Japanese Tub in Your Bathroom

Taking a bath is a relaxing activity. Aside from getting rid of harmful germs and bacteria from your body, you can also relax whether you have a warm shower or a soak in the tub. If you love spending your alone time relaxing in a bathtub full of soothing, warm water, a Japanese tub is a must. It offers an unforgettable bathing experience like no other. Unlike traditional tubs, this one is made with a deeper construction, and the sides are square-shaped. 

Invest in a quality bathtub to make your bathroom more functional and convenient. Make sure that it can maximize the space in your bathroom and give you a rejuvenating experience, like a Japanese tub. It may cost a bit higher than the Western tubs, but it is worth every penny. So, here are a few reasons why you need a Japanese tub in your bathroom.

1.Deeper Soaking

Let us start with an easy reason why you need to consider having a Japanese tub in your bathroom. Generally, tubs let us soak our entire body when taking a bath. If you compare it to showering, where you need to kind of guide the water through your body to get wet, tubs will let us be submerged in water instead. Not to mention, aside from your usual soap and shampoo, these plumbing fixtures allow us to use other bathing products, such as bath salts and bath bombs. But compared to your usual bathtub, Japanese tubs have a better advantage in terms of soaking in water.

Made specifically for soaking, the Japanese tubs are typically steep-sided, small, and deep. The standard size is 27 inches deep, which means sitting in the water will go up to your chin. It gives you a relaxing soak you won’t get with a regular bathtub since the water can get to each of your muscles and offer you a true all-over dip.


Unless you live in a massive household, bathrooms are not known as spacious areas. Compared to living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms, bathrooms do not have much space. They are instead compressed or tight. And the area can become even more compressed if you have added or installed other plumbing fixtures or types of furniture, such as shower heads, sinks, cabinets, and towel racks, among others. So if you added a bathtub, your bathroom could feel even more compressed, especially with the larger ones. But thankfully, Japanese tubs are not as space-consuming as your average plumbing fixtures. 

The Japanese tubs take up as little floor space as possible. These are not meant for laying down but instead for sitting. You get more floor space while also getting plenty of water in the bathtub. Moreover, your space won’t feel cramped and small, unlike the regular tubs with longer rectangle shapes that take up the bulk of the space in your bathroom. Indeed, you can enjoy a long soak whenever you want.

3. Highly Customizable

Having a designer or professional design or construct your tub can be a hassle and a huge waste of money. Aside from needing the time to find and contact a professional, you also need to consider other factors if you want a customized tub installed in your bathing area. Your tub’s height, width, and length, your material of choice, and your budget are some of the many factors you should consider when customizing a tub. With factors like these, customizing a tub is not only pricey but also time-consuming. 

A Japanese soaking tub is ideal for a smaller bathroom; it is designed for height, not length. However, it can be customized from various materials and tailored according to the size of your bathroom. Installing this kind of tub is simple, as long as the area has enough water lines for floor support

4. Unique Design

Design matters to some people. From their choice of clothing to the display in their room, appearance is a necessary detail to them. And sometimes, even the aesthetics of a bathing area matter. After all, a clean, neat, and visually-pleasing bathroom can give not only the appearance of cleanliness but also peace. It is why you will find some bathrooms to feel tranquil as they appear like a place where you can relax. Thankfully, whatever your aesthetic preference is, a Japanese tub can fit a great-looking bathroom.

As a freestanding bathtub, the Japanese tub can be the focal point in your bathroom. Its distinctive design raises the value of your house. Additionally, a variety of shapes, colors, and styles are available in the market to choose from. It gives you more options for adding an outstanding element to your space and making it functional.

5. Therapeutic

And lastly, many people prefer bathtubs over showers. Aside from being soaked in water easily as mentioned above, these plumbing fixtures can let you relax during your bath time. Unlike showers where you need to scrub all over your body, you can sit and soak in your tub for a few minutes. You can even scroll through your phone or take a quick nap if you are not doing anything in the tub! Fortunately, barring relaxation, Japanese tubs also have additional physical and therapeutic benefits that can help you relax.

Sitting upright in a bathtub is better for your posture than lying down. And having a good posture has tons of health benefits, such as giving off more energy and reducing headaches. A total immersion soak in a Japanese tub helps you detoxify your body, improves cardiovascular performance, relieves aches and pains in stiff muscles, and reduces the effects of stress.


Ultimately, a Japanese tub is ergonomically designed for comfort and a deeper soaking experience. Nothing compares to the luxury of having a refreshing bath at home and enjoying your me-time moment. These reasons mentioned above will convince you to get a Japanese tub installed in your bathroom. Thus, choose the perfect Japanese tub for you and make the most of it!



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