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Identifying Common Ants Found In US Homes!

Rarely will you spot a home in the US without the sighting of at least one ant. Ants grossly outnumber humans, and they are all around us. There are 700 species of ants in the world, but only a few of them are prevalent in Idaho households. Nevertheless, they do not stay behind in wreaking havoc. 

If you have an ant infestation, the first step to eradicating them is to identify their type. You can also get help from a professional. For example, residents in Nampa can contact a professional to create the perfect treatment plan with the help of a pest control Nampa.

Common ants in the Nampa

  • Carpenter Ants.

Since carpenter ants are capable of causing structural damage to your property, you should be especially concerned about them. They do not ‘build’ like carpenters, but they do extract wood, which can be destructive over time if not managed properly. 

Like other ants, carpenter ants consume insects that produce honeydew, including aphids. These ants will search for food sources outside the building and will discover ways into areas such as crawlspaces, attics, voids, and under-roofing to establish their nests. Although they do not eat wood, these ants will dig pathways to food sources and nesting places.

  • Black Garden Ants.

When one thinks of the species, this is the “ant” that normally comes to mind. The black garden ant is a tiny, common ant that is found mostly outside in soil, behind paving stones, and in landscaping. However, if there is a lot of sugar around, black ants can find a way in. 

You might see these ants humming around in the warm summer months. This is how they breed and start new colonies. If you discover black ants in your home, it is advisable to place liquid bait traps and apply ant killer to entry points to make sure the colony is eventually destroyed.

  • Pavement Ants.

Pavement ants are also quite small. These brown-colored ants are typically discovered near blocks and concrete cracks and crevices. These ants construct enormous underground colonies. The openings to the nests resemble volcanic mounds. They are mostly known to be a nuisance outside. They are also capable of entering structures with concrete floors and causing property damage.

  • Odorous Ants.

A major nuisance ant, odorous house ants form colonies with numerous queens and many houses. These residences can often be temporary and might be discovered beneath trees or other landscaping waste. They will feed on the honeydew produced by aphids that are found in vegetation, just like the carpenter ants.

Structures must be free of any interaction with vegetation that allows the ants to trail from the vegetation into the structure. The workers are all the same size. Although they do not damage property, their large population can be annoying to homeowners.

To keep your home protected from these intruders, call pest control services today! 



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