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How does Lean affect your Mental and Physical Health?

Lean is the street name for the combination of codeine cough syrup and soda. The soft drink is the medium that makes the prescription cough medication taste better. Promethazine is an antihistamine that relaxes the body and alleviates discomfort and congestion.

Codeine is an opiate that has multiple effects on the brain, such as coughing cessation, and it is a pain reliever.

Codeine cough syrup is often prescribed to treat severe upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, rhinitis, and asthma. Because pain relief is only a side effect, this cough syrup is not regulated to the same extent as opiate pills and is an easy drug for adolescents and adults to get their hands on. This drug is enhanced to be palatable, and dosages can vary widely. For those asking what does lean do, continue reading below.

A Lean High

Lean is a popular drug associated with house parties and is sought after by adolescents and adults for several reasons. This combination of drugs relaxes the body and creates a sense of euphoria. This feeling is attributed to the effects of codeine and not only alleviates pain but also causes a spike in dopamine in your brain. Again, what does lean do?

Cognitive Function

Lean has been featured in various rap songs and is known to be commonly consumed at parties and social gatherings. Although it may seem like the people consuming it are elated and full of energy, it is not a stimulant like some believe. Lean is a depressant and is responsible for slowing down your nervous system and your thoughts and lowering your inhibitions; taking too much can lead to adverse health effects.

Physical Side Effects

What people fail to realize is that the codeine in this ‘cocktail’ is highly addictive. People begin to build up a tolerance to the effects of opiates with prolonged use, and that is where the risk of overdose comes in. So when worrying about what does lean do consider this: Codeine suppresses your central nervous system, which controls more than just your physical speed and racing thoughts. If your central nervous system slows down too much, autonomic function, such as breathing, can stop.

Addiction & Withdrawl

Codeine abuse can be challenging to overcome, depending on the severity of your addiction. Becoming addicted to codeine can happen rapidly depending on a few factors: the availability of the drug and the frequency at which you take it. Lean is easier to get ahold of than many other illicit opiates. It is relatively discrete, making Lean a suitable option for frequent users and those addicted who don’t want to raise suspicion. The withdrawal from heavy opiate use can be physically and emotionally painful, sometimes requiring professional medical assistance.

Lean Is Dangerous

When people think of dangerous drugs; they often include scenes from movies showing crack pipes being smoked in alleyways and drug addicts sticking needles between their toes. Nothing is more dangerous than an inconspicuous drug that is easy to obtain. Lean use is easier to hide than other hard drugs and can be obtained without the same hurdles as opiate and opiate-like prescription pills.



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