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Breaded Eggplant and the Choice of Side Dishes Can Seal the Day for Your Customers!

A restaurant or a catering business has to be on its toes to do something exciting with its menu so that more patrons visit and like it. Everyone knows how breaded dishes are already famous with people. Chicken and many other meat varieties are often seen at various places. You can do something different by introducing a few plant-based options, such as breaded eggplant. It’s an excellent, flavorful vegan item known for its versatile taste, texture, and culinary charm. You can include this in the list as it needs fewer ingredients, such as eggplants, olive oil, and breadcrumbs. Breading is one of the crucial highlights of eggplant preparation. Lack of consistency or desired crunch can spoil all the efforts.

Because it takes time to prepare everything in-house and increases labor costs, you can ask breading manufacturers for custom options. Some batter and breading companies can make them based on your preferences, whether you want a specific herb or garlic to be added or a certain amount of salt and pepper levels. Sourcing breading can be an intelligent way to reduce your kitchen load from important but side work.Saved time can be spent on other crucial areas, such as planning the dish presentation and the option of accompaniments. Breaded eggplants have everything to satiate your diners’ palate. Still, the dish may need something to accompany it. Here are a few suggestions in this regard. 

Side dishes for breaded eggplant

An easy option can be simple spaghetti to complement the flavorful and hearty fried eggplant dish. This combo looks rich, but it will be easygoing on everyone’s gut. So, you can prepare your pasta with salt, pepper, parsley, garlic, and parmesan cheese. Serving it with a lemon-caper sauce can be fantastic for a complete gastronomic experience. Or, you can give your people a gluten-free alternative, such as quinoa salad. Let their gut take a break from starchy grains without compromising with nutrients. Use cooked quinoa with red onion, avocado, tomatoes, baby spinach, olive oil, salt, pepper, lemon juice, feta cheese, and other fresh ingredients. Another side dish option is tomato soup or minestrone.

Things to do tomake breaded eggplants crunchy

To add a delicious crunch, you can pan-fry, bake, or air-fry eggplants. If you plan to pan-fry them, the bottom of the cooking utensil should be coated with olive oil before placing the eggplant pieces on it. Those who prefer an oven can put eggplant on a suitable baking sheet and brush the pieces with olive oil before closing the door. Air-fried pieces also need a coating of olive oil. To apply breading, you will need egg or soy milk, depending on whether it will be a pure vegan or non-vegan recipe.

Fried items open up people’s taste buds, becoming easily attractive to them. However, using proper breading material is critical in this process. Sourcing some ingredients from a reliable supplier will ease your stress when you already have hundreds of things to attend to. You can continue to offer customers consistently a good taste.



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