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9 Living Room Wall Décor Ideas That Makes A Statement

A living room is always incomplete without a single or more pieces of wall décor items to make the room comes to life. There are various options to choose from but if you’re facing trouble while deciding the best décor piece or the direction in which you would like to go, when it comes to wall décor of your living room, we can help you out with our 9 best living room wall décor ideas that will suit every design style of your interiors.

Idea#1: Make it Abstract

Simple wall art that complements the textiles within your living space is always the best choice to go with. you can use a large piece of abstract art to hang in the living room or small pieces of it to create a wall gallery in other rooms of your house.

Idea#2: Go Sculptural

Sculptural objects help to add dimension and intrigue to your living room wall. Whether you choose go colorful or neutral.

Idea#3: Try Twist on a TV

Nowadays, plenty of TVs can also double the art when turned off. Hanging a TV on your living room wall can also be a great option to consider, as it maintains an aesthetically pleasing setup of your interiors.

Idea#4: Hang a Triptych

Hanging a triptych above your living room sofa is another way to fill an empty wall and also a nice alternative to making a gallery wall.

Idea#5: Say Hello to Colors

If you love bright colors, a large painted cloth will add tons of personality to the living room. It can be more fun to choose a different look than a usually framed canvas art.

Idea#6: Keep it Simple

Alternatively, a neutral abstract piece of wall art can be an excellent piece for a minimalist living room. You can simply choose one of your favorite pieces that will be the focal point in your pair-down space.

Idea#7: Lean a Figure Sketch

Figure art aren’t just for the bathroom or bedroom, you can also add them to your living room to create a soft and romantic touch. Opting for a lean art print that is mounted high on your living room’s wall will result in an effortless and chic vibe.

Idea#8: Sing Alone

Show off your love of music by hanging your favorite instrument on the wall. It can be a guitar which is easy to grab and play when your mood strikes.

Idea#9 Wow with Wallpaper

You can even create your wall gallery featuring a variety of art pieces that complement your furniture and other accessories perfectly. It would be great, if you hang these pieces on top of a stunning wallpaper for a layered and elevated look.


Walls play the most crucial role in deciding the look and design of your overall interiors. If your living room is smaller in size, you can make it larger by hanging oil paintings for living  room. Additionally, you can also cover the walls with canvas art  to showcase your favorite artwork.



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